Ebooks are Convenient and Economical

By: Chris Robertson

Ebooks (also written as e-books) are electronic books; they are books in digital format that you read on your computer or other electronic device. They provide an alternate way to read books for people who enjoy using digital technology.

People order ebooks online and download them to their computers or personal reading devices. The typical procedure is to pay for an ebook with a credit card, then download your ebook. Some ebook sellers offer free ebooks or ebook sales.


While ebooks are not intended to replace books printed on paper, they do have features that traditional books do not have. For example, with an ebook:

* You can search the text for a word or phrase;

* You can carry your reading material anywhere on your PDA or other personal electronic device;

* You can change the size of the text;

* You can digitally bookmark pages or sections of text;

* You don't have to wait to go to the store or for a book to come in the mail. You can read an ebook within moments of ordering it;

* You do not have to pay for shipping; and

* You don't use paper or packaging, thereby reducing the environmental impact of your purchase.

Plus, the cost of an ebook is often lower than the price of a hardcover or paperback book, especially from online sellers that offer special ebook sales and free ebooks.


Ebooks come in different formats, which are appropriate for different types of readers. For example: Adobe ebooks can be read with Macintosh and Windows computers and with the Sony Reader. The Mobipocket Reader Format is a universal ebook reader for all PDAs. You read Palm ebooks on Palm handheld devices. Palms allow you to carry as many ebooks as the memory on your device will hold. All you need to read HTML ebooks is the browser on your computer, which makes this a very easy format to use. An HTML ebook is like a long web page, but because it's stored on your computer and not on the Internet you can read it even when you are not connected to the Internet.


You can find as broad a selection of ebooks as you can find books in a bookstore. Many online sites have vast selections of popular, professional, academic, technical, and literary books. To find a particular ebook or an ebook on a particular topic, you conduct a search on an ebook seller's website. Just like in a library, you can search by title, author, or keyword. Once you find your book, you choose the format you want and pay for your ebook with a credit card. Most ebook sellers will help you figure out what format is best for the equipment you plan to use. Within a few minutes you will be directed via email to the site where you can download your book.

Ebooks are a perfect solution for book lovers who travel, spend time in waiting rooms, or want to read a new book right away. Ebooks make it easier to read books, and that's a very good thing.

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