Ebooks Have Made Self-Publishing Easy and Inexpensive

By: Douglas Rattz

The Internet is increasingly becoming a medium to share thoughts and publish them for others to see. It is fast becoming the most preferred publishing tool, especially those looking for self-publishing. The first place is held by the Internet blogs when one talks of self-publishing and the e-books are soon catching up as a rising trend.

Ebooks, books in an electronic format, are becoming increasingly popular methods of publication. All you need is $30 to $200 (depending on what kind of book you are looking to publish) to purchase software that helps you format and compile an ebook. Then you are on your way.

Research studies, pet projects, fiction, non-fiction anything at all can be compiled in an e-book format and made available for everyone and anyone to read. Many people publish their e-books just to get recognition for their work. On the other hand, there are companies that see e-books as a powerful publicity tool. It is easier and more cost effective to publish a short e-book rather than getting a full colored brochure printed and distributed. E-books have become a phenomenon, and are used for a whole array of purposes.

Generally, businesses offer their ebooks free to the public. There are other Web sites that offer ebooks with helpful hints as incentives to sign up for subscriptions and services. However, there are many people who actually sell ebooks. You can protect an ebook until someone pays for access. Once it is paid for, it is as good as purchased and you can look into as much as you want.

The main attraction of ebooks is the low cost involved in producing them. Moreover, you can significantly reduce the hassles about getting the pages set right, printing and assembling the book, and then distributing. No wonder, even Stephen King publishes electronically although his books are also available in more traditional format.

But everyone is not Stephen King and you do not have the clout to get books out there through a publishing house. That is where ebooks come in with a practical solution. Considering how expensive traditional self-publishing is, you cannotítafford to offer very many copies, and distribution is very limited. On the other hand, if you think of publishing an ebook, all you need is the right software and an Internet connection. It isísthat simple and you can reach more people for much less money.

Ebooks not only make self-publication much easier, the advent of ebooks has also made publication and distribution easier. The World Wide Web reaches literally millions of people a day. If you advertise effectively, your distribution can be instantly worldwide. Fortunately, publicity is easier and less expensive on the Internet. All you have to do is join an online writer'sísgroup that allows links to your site, or you can advertise through programs like Google AdSense by paying a small amount.

In just a few years time Internet has revolutionized the way you retrieve information. You can get information about nearly everything and anything in just a few clicks and seconds. You can publish your columns, have an own home space or your own book published in electronic format at a low cost and without any hassles.

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