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By: badal vaid

Making an Internet marketing ebook doesn't have to be a painstaking, laborious, annoying task; however, it is far more important to understand that it shouldn't be as easy as most people treat it, either.
For more details go to: www.eazy-ebook-money.com Most people create Internet marketing ebooks in the following way: they read some low-quality articles, scan some forum posts, and then summarize the various conjectures and unverified information in the form of a bad ebook.

Once you've slopped together your sub-standard Internet marketing ebook, you can get started on a salespage. Remember, the objective of a salespage is to lie as much as is possible without writing something that could potentially get you thrown in jail. And once you've completed that salespage, you can start to spam forums and blogs with links to your ebook.

If the above paragraphs sound familiar - you've probably spent some time reading Internet marketing ebooks. Many "get rich quick" Internet marketing schemes will tell you to do something quite similar. They'll tell you to ignore sensible marketing plans; to forget writing high-quality ebooks; and to instead focus on churning out low-quality info products and ramming them down people's throats before they get the chance to think (and realize your deal is a total waste of money).

These tricks actually don't work. People who create these low-quality products and spam them all over the Internet generally do not make money. So don't do it. Instead, try to think longer term. Try to create quality products, so that people will actually refer them word-of-mouth to friends; and so that they will actually want to purchase your products in the future. Additionally, it will be far easier to sell people products if they actually can benefit from them.

Now, with that said, you have to figure out what your Internet marketing ebook should contain. You could - as most people suggest - search forums for "hot topics" (topics with a "flame" icon next to them); and then work through their contents; however, I suggest that you do something different. Instead, try to think of something that you have trouble with - and that you know other people have trouble with, too.

Let's say you have a tough time with traffic generation. If that's the case, you should spend your time figuring out how to solve your own traffic generation problem. Read forums and ebooks. PM experts and interview them. Test everything you've read; take copious screenshots of the results; and then compose your ebook with this material. Not only will you solve your problem in the process, but you will also get tangible results that you can write about. If you don't have an easy way to create PDFs, download Open Office at All you have to do is click a single icon to convert your writing into PDF format.

Once you have completed your ebook, making sales is a simple matter of creating a strong salespage and then advertising in the right venues. If you think you may be able to find some affiliates for your product, then you may want to open an account at Clickbank. For can visit to: www.profiting-with-free-reports.com you will pay a one-time fee of $50 to sell your ebook through them; however, they will deal with all of the affiliate linking and payment issues for you, which will save you time and effort.

Of course, you can always forego the Clickbank route and simply sell your products through Paypal. This will allow you to receive payment instantaneously and transfer it to your bank account in 3-4 business days. Once you've setup the salespage and the checkout button, you can start selling at places such as the WSO forum at Warrior Forum. But no matter what you decide is best, you should always try to work on a long term - rather than short term - strategy. Don't spam. Don't ignore rules. And, most importantly, don't create low quality products.

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