Eat Mutton-Different Practice Has Different Effects

By: Emma Beth

Eat Mutton- Different Practice Has Different Effects

Lamb in the medical is called "the flesh and blood of sentient beings is tested", which is good signings ingredients. Lamb of warm sex can fill virtual fatigue, remove cold, removing blood, especially suitable for in autumn and winter season to eat. It has a lot of lamb, braised, like, rinse, blasting, roast the most common. Each method has its flavor and characteristics, and the nourishment composition is endless.

1. Stew, like, evaporate: broth, juice
This can maximize nutrients not lose, tonic best effect. Stew nutritional ingredients into the soup; like, evaporate nutrients in the basic meat, a family for meat. First to stew in some of the sheep leg bones, back half an hour enlarges the fire for milk white soup, remove and bone soup, then washed lamb into a pot, add onion, ginger small fire system. If use sand pot stew, taste better.

2. Rinse: Dispelling small
A lot of people don't like the mutton dispelling, rinse and eat can reduce the dispelling. In addition, use cold water to immerse the lamb winter night, summer bubble two hours, also can put the mutton dispelling material leaching. What need to remind is, spicy hot soup bottom inside, eat easy to lose. But at the same time eat some tremella, pears and so on sitting by the dryness of food, or drink chrysanthemum tea pick. Due to the lamb may be present in bacteria and parasites, elected after the mutton quality piece, and rinse until cooked.

3. Fetched: Can sweating
With onions blasting mutton for representation, choose the hind leg of fresh and tender meat or tenderloin, thinly sliced, match on fresh leaves, dipping with each urgent after fry. Beneficial to tonify deficiency, temperature of gas under the warm the effect, still can sweating detoxification.

4. Baker, fry: Big Oil
Baker, fry the lamb on behalf of food has a mutton string, and mutton, etc. The two practices oily cent are very big, and cooking temperature is too high, the loss is the most serious nutrition. The people at home of the roast mutton, can use cumin, bay leaf, salt bloats after an hour on the boiler evaporate, again in 180 ℃ or so baking in the oven, so can reduce the oily cent.

5. The best partner: Radish
Lamb of temperature, eat when had better match some cool, flat sex of vegetables, such as turnip, towel gourd, wax gourd, Chinese cabbage, spinach, mushroom, mushrooms, etc. But to say to the lamb "perfect match", the turnip belongs. On one hand, hun vegetable collocation can complement the human body needs many kinds of proteins. On the other hand, turnip sex cold cool, can dryness lowering, go fat and help assimilation.

6. Choose and buy skills: Cold mutton White, not fresh
Good quality cold mutton is bright color, a bright red. Sometimes lamb just out of ice, color is white and put a while to become red, also is the good quality. Fat parts should be white and smooth, if become yellow, cold that time long. Fresh mutton feels sticky don't skid that didn't make water. Fresh mutton muscles solid elastic, cut into thick slices can stand, not fresh are soft collapse "stand", when the choose and buy should pay attention to.

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