Easy Tips on Finding the Perfect Ballroom Dress for Your Body Type

By: Chung Khoury

With the advent of shows like Dancing With the Stars being a big hit on television, ballroom dancing has really been pushed to the forefront over the last decade. This is great news for the sport, because so many more people are now interested in taking ballroom dancing lessons and even getting into some local competitions.
Beyond just the dancing, one of the most important aspects of ballroom dance has to be the outfits. ballroom dresses showcase not only a sense of style and glamour, but also need to fit properly to allow the dancer to move correctly. After all, to truly showcase all the skills learned in those ballroom dancing lessons, no one would want to compete in just any dress.
ballroom dresses are what truly completes the look of the couple, and can certainly add to the theme of the song that is being danced to. For instance, a tango can be truly highlighted by a Spanish style dress in red and black. That outfit will ensure that everyone knows exactly what dance is being performed and that the couple put quite a bit of thought into their presentation.
Because of the importance of the dress to the overall presentation, it is imperative that a dress work well with the body of the ballroom dancer. The best rule of thumb when it comes to picking the right dress is to find something that will highlight those best strong points, and cover up any weak spots.
For example, if a dancer has excellent footwork, consider a dress that is shorter and will show off the legs allowing viewers and judges to get a great look at the footwork. And, for those who find their arm position to be lacking sometimes, consider choosing a dress that has large roomy and billowy sleeves. This is going to cover up a good chunk of arm errors and issues without giving too much away.
Also pick a dress that is going to be suitable for the dancers body type. Since so much of ballroom dancing is about the total package and presentation, the dress does really matter. Find something that is figure flattering, the dress can be configured in a way to cover up any problem areas like a tummy of the thighs, while still looking fantastic and working well with the overall costumed theme.
It's also a good idea to really find a dress that fits the tempo of the song. For something that is a bit more romantic, consider a dress with a flowing train and very soft lines. Conversely, for an uptempo song, with a dancer that is quite fit, something a bit more edgy and revealing can be a great choice instead.
It is easy to get lost with so many ballroom dress options out there. But, by understanding the most important styling factors such as body type, song style, and the dancers strengths and weaknesses, it is going to help provide perfect guidance. This way, dancers will have no problem finding the perfect dress for them.

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