Easily Take a Stand on Every Issue through Online Political Activism

By: Chris Robertson

Being involved in politics has never been easy...at least not until just recently. Now that online political activism is available to everyone that has Internet access, every citizen can easily get involved and take a stand on the important issues of today. One good thing that the Internet and politics have in common is their ability to unite people. And with these two together, they create a powerful force of citizens, ready and willing to fight for their rights in a peaceful manner.

What is Internet Activism?

It is a type of political social networking in which online users work together to reach a certain political goal. For example, a unique website called DoYouHearUs.org has recently been developed to enable the average citizen to voice his or her opinion through e-mail or the printed letter. With its "patent pending" communication system, called "VOICES," members are united in their message on every issue and directed to the appropriate state or federal figure. Instead of voicing opinions to the wind, citizens can now have their voices heard by someone that can make a difference - their own political leaders!

Through an online community such as this, activism is simple and easy to organize and follow through. It can be as simple as uniting local state residents to send e-mails about a special upcoming vote in Congress. For instance, when the Health Care Reform Bill was on the table for a vote, citizens from each state could write in by e-mail or printed letter to their state representatives and senators to voice their opinions on whether or not the bill should pass.

Through cyberactivism, citizens can voice their wishes concerning abortion laws, education, lotteries, non-profit funding, taxes, the environment, oil drilling, war, or any issue they feel strongly about.

How It Works

An online political activism website provides the issue-related information for members to review. The members will consider the upcoming issues and decide whether or not to take action. Taking action on every issue is recommended, but not required. The more often members take a stand on issues, the more effective cyberactivism will become.

It's all about numbers! When a senator or representative begins to receive thousands of e-mails or letters about the same issue, he will take notice. If he truly wants to represent those who voted him in, he will consider the opinions of the citizens. If he chooses to ignore those letters and e-mails...then guess what? He will likely NOT be voted in come next election!

Implementing politics on the Internet sounds so simple, but can be a very effective, affordable way to reach out in these unsettled political times. Many folks simply don't have the time or resources to form local or national protest groups. They don't have time for traditional style activism. But cyberactivism opens the doors wide for the busy individual. It unites people from all walks of life who normally wouldn't be able to gather for group meetings. Most folks do have time to send an e-mail, mail a letter, or pull up an online activism site once a week to read about the issues. That's what makes Internet activism so powerful.

Start making a difference in your nation today by joining an online political activism Web site. It's one simple step toward a better future for all United States citizens!

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