Easily Choose the Right Storage Unit for You

By: Dave Lloyd

Capitalism at it's best results in improved products and services that benefit the masses. At it's worst, consumers are encouraged to purchase way more than they need and are then reluctant to get rid of stuff. With today's public becoming more consumer savvy and the credit-enabled disposable income increasing, individuals simply have more stuff. And worse they don't get rid of it as easily. Despite resources like craigslist, ebay, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and local garage sales, it takes a real commitment to purge your life of unneeded stuff in order to really make a dent in what you have. If your plan is to get of items, you'll need to first make an emotional adjustment to letting go of things. You'll need to be willing to detach from your stuff.

What to do with all the stuff in your life

Individuals have simply acquired more things - whether seasonal, occasional, or large, they take up space in homes and attics. And unfortunately these homes often bust at the seems from having so much stuff. So if you decide to turn to a storage unit in order to rid your home or apartment of excess stuff you're not ready to get rid of, here are some things to consider.

Keep these questions in mind:
How large do you need the storage unit to be?
What do you plan to store there that you could not otherwise get rid of?
Is this really the best option for the things you have?
What method of transportation will you use to transport your goods to the unit?
Do you need to buy or find boxes ahead of time?
Would you prefer a storage unit that is closer to your home or is less expensive?

Pick the right storage unit

As you consider renting a storage unit, the resources available at the website below can guide you to the right place. In addition, the questions above will help you in determining the right size, price, and location for you. Once you've decided on a local storage unit, you'll want to put together a strategy for moving your goods there. This works best if you enroll some friends to help you. Borrow or rent a truck or van on a Saturday and put your things into 4 piles - trash, giveaway, keep in the house, or take to the storage unit. Using this process will give you a simple strategy you can follow for all your things, no matter how long it takes.

Using the storage unit effectively

You don't have to keep your things in a storage unit indefinitely, though many people do. In fact, it may be better to set a deadline by which you plan to go through your things and make decisions on what to do with it. Otherwise, this storage space can become an emotional hurdle keeping you living in the past rather than moving through circumstances in your life and open to new changes and experiences. So, whatever you do, don't let the storage unit become an homage or anchor to materialism - see it as a temporary place to put things that don't currently fit in your life.

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