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Veg noodles

Noodles have become the favorite pastime food for most of the young people in India, as it takes less time to prepare with decent taste and so preferred in such a busy world. Noodles are mainly made of Maida, but due to heavy competition manufacturers have come up with noodles made of wheat, rice and other different dough's. Veg noodles are pretty easy to make, takes less time and require few add ons. Noodles are made differently in different parts of the world.

As we all know Chinese noodles are pretty famous which were prepared by making them fried and adding up vegetables like tomato, onions, capsicum, beans and at times cabbage. Nestle has come up with Maggie noodles which actually captured the minds of kids and their parents with their caption of noodles in two minutes. It has gained the market demand in such a way with its different varieties that few children know only Magi noodles as noodles and nothing else.

Anti dandruff shampoo

The evergreen problem these days is pollution as it affects internal and external body parts and mental tension in current competitive world. Every individual has to go out to make his/her career and hence will get caught with pollution. One of the effects of this pollution and mental tension is dandruff, where for every 2 individuals one is getting affected. Proper care has to be taken to retain one's hair from dandruff. In this busy world people look after quick remedies and hence Anti dandruff shampoo have been introduced into the market. This has been clicked well in capturing the market demand and hence number of manufacturers introduced anti dandruff shampoos with different flavors and even it is serving the purpose.

Organic vegetable shop Mumbai

Organic vegetable shop Mumbai is those which are produced vegetables without using any kind of chemicals during farming. These are good for health but we can get only those vegetables which are particular for that respective season For Ex: Cauliflower in spring, Radish in summer, Beetroot in winter etc. There are many stores in Mumbai where organic vegetables are being sold. Since these are produced through organic farming, these cost little higher when we compare to the vegetables that were produced using conventional methods. In some of the stores in Mumbai where these organic vegetables are sold were offering home delivery too when the cost is actually more than certain amount.

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