Earlier First Lady Becomes An Object of Spyware Swindle

By: Isaiah Henry

Surprisingly, even the Former First Lady could not steer clear of a malware scam. �Round the clock security, a professional IT staff, the latest technology and software security were not enough to protect Senator Hillary Clinton�s campaign from this malicious intruder. Beginning in February, 2008, supporters and constituents of the Senator from New York began receiving emails entitled �Hillary Clinton Full Video�. The emails contained no video footage of Mrs. Clinton; it contained malware instead.

Beginning in February, 2008, a widely-distributed email found its way around the globe. The particular email that put millions of computers at risk was entitled �Hillary Clinton Full Video�. In recent history, there has never been a campaign or election that garnered the attention this year�s presidential race has. Due in large part to the heightened interest in this race, many people opened the email hoping to learn more about the presidential candidate. There were destined to be disappointed when they opened the email and received malicious malware instead.

Most people don�t even know what the term �malware� means, so how can they be expected to adequately protect their computer and files from it? Malware is a type of computer program or computer code which is developed solely to produce annoying pop-up ads, innumerable amounts of spam and disseminate adware and spyware. What�s more, it can be dangerous to the entire operating system.

Perhaps it is easiest to understand how malware operates by following the process in the Hillary Clinton email. Millions of in-boxes received the email and many people opened it � they had no reason to suspect it was malware. That�s the really dangerous thing about malware; it operates totally �undercover� and without your consent.

Even sophisticated internet security packages like Norton Internet Security and Spyware Dr. are unable to stop malware every single time. One of the most common ways malware is able to remain undetected is to be delivered in the form of a Trojan horse or Trojan. In broad terms, a Trojan horse is a program which invites users to run it and conceals an intrusive, malicious payload.

So, if Hillary Clinton and her staff were unable to bypass a malware scam, how can you? Internet security suites are constantly being updated to detect the latest malware and they will catch some of it. No security package is able to detect and block all malware � at least not yet. As often is the case, the best defense is a good offense. It�s up to the computer user to exercise caution.

It�s simple; they do it to serve their own purposes, such as tracking your every move on the internet via spyware. Once your shopping or browsing habits are recorded they are typically sold to a third party. Most often this party is an advertiser that has something they want to sell to you. Once they�ve identified your shopping habits, it�s easier to know what to �pitch� to you and thereby increase their chances of making you a customer.

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