Ear Infections

By: Joe Swails

What are ear infections?
Ear infections usually occur in the outer ear (otitis externa) or the middle ear (otitis media). They can be painful and stop you from hearing properly.

Symptoms can vary from person to person. Children suffering with ear infections will say that their ear hurts, be irritable and cry more than usual. They will also rub and tug at their ear.

For people of all ages, ear infections can cause fluid draining from the ear, loss of balance, fever, sickness and mild to severe hearing difficulty.

Irritability, difficulty sleeping and a high temperature are also symptoms.

Most ear infections are caused by either bacteria or a virus, and usually follow illness such as a sore throat, cold or flu.

To assess your condition your GP will ask you (or your child) some questions and then use a special torch called an otoscope to examine your ear. The otoscope will detect fluid or inflammation behind the ear drum.

Ear infections are usually treated with either ear drops (containing antibiotics) and/or a course of oral antibiotics. Where severe pain occurs, you may be advised to take painkillers such as paracetamol or anti-inflammatory drugs.

A thorough cleaning of the ear by your doctor or an ear specialist may occur if your ear canal needs more attention.

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