EZ Curl Bar : Comfort vs. Versatility

By: stephen joyce

The EZ Curl Bar allows you to work on your upper body and forearm strength in a not dangerous manner. The 47 in. Olympic size bar is created by champ Barbell and offers highest efficiency in weight resistance. The bar is created of polished solid steel. The EZ curl bar is extraordinary in that it relieves the agony in your wrists and back while lifting.

Regular barbells require you to have your wrists at a 180 degree angle and palms up. The EZ curl bar is preferred as it only needs you to have your wrists at a 130 degree angle and your palms at a forty five degree angle. This process makes lifting weights easier and more at ease.

Sadly comfort isn't a high concern when building muscle mass and working out. You can perform more exercises with a straight barbell than the EZ curl bar. There are occasions when the EZ curl bar is a better option. Those that are starting to workout, had wrist injuries, or suffer from back Problems should use the EZ curl bar.

There are several exercises in which the EZ curl bar is better at than standard barbells, the standing curl, seated evangelist curl, and the lying triceps extensions. The standing curl is preferred as it places less of a load on your wrists. Because of the placement of your wrists you will not feel as much pain compared to doing straight barbell curls. The EZ curl bar is perfect for anyone that has sustained a wrist injury during the past, making sure your joints will be safe.

The EZ Bar Seated Preacher Curl targets your biceps. Sit on a bench and allow your elbows to hang off. Grab the bar and continue to do a curl just as if you were standing. The exercise targets your biceps as you can't use your body weight or back to lift.

Lying triceps extensions are also known as skull crushers. Don't let the name intimidate you, this exercise will increase the muscle mass in your arms seriously. To perform the exercise lay down on your back, mount the EZ curl bar above your chest, and lower the bar to the back of your head.

glance at the EZ curl bar as training wheels for the regular barbell. You'll learn correct form, exercises, and gain a solid knowledge of upper body strength. As you progress in the weight room, you can always upgrade to the regular barbell.

In the final analysis, the EZ curl bar is superb for nearly anyone wanting to increase their forearm and higher body power. For the weight room fan the regular barbell might be a wiser choice simply because of its versatility. The price difference between the 2 isn't enough to make a change.

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