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By: Killmeyer Gutenberger

Blogging has transformed greatly, when compared to its beginning. It originated in the form of a personal online diary in which people would write about their daily experiences. But now, it has also become a leading source of building residual income from home.

Businesses look for the best blogging platform to establish their credibility. Several businesses have flourished incredibly after they invested in building their blogs. It keeps the 'social' and 'human' element alive with respect to the business, making it look even more amiable and less robotic.

In much the same way as blogging transformed, the blogging platforms have also innovated new ways to impart user-friendly experiences. It used to be a crowd of words tumbling over each other. With time, features like image integration and video blogs were introduced Because of which, sharing feedback became possible transforming it into a social networking portal.

The latest in the world of blogging is the ENV2 (Empower Network Version 2.0) powered by Empower Network.

It promises to become the best blogging platform by delivering enhanced user experience and unique features.

It is scheduled for release on the 22nd of September, 2013. ENV2 comes with unparalleled features ready to clean bold the last best - WordPress. Just its trial version has sent out a ripple of pure excitement resonated by the new and old bloggers alike. The demonstration displayed at Denver Convention had everyone applauding this creation.

ENV2 comes with an easy-to-use interface, which can be operated by less technical individuals as well. Its reblog feature allows you to share and write your own analysis about a video by just a click. No need to hassle around with the embed codes and complex HTML encryptions. In just under three minutes you are good to go. Reblogging was never this easy before ENV2.

Moreover, Empower Network has integrated a social networking feature in their latest invention. Commenting on blogs is not a new phenomenon. However, ENV2 enables you to see the blogs and profiles of those people commenting on your blog. This social element poses significant challenge to the previous leading social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter as well. It promises to be the best blogging platform where everyone is!

If this is not enough, ENV2 comes with a mobile application as well. The smart phone is one of the most prospering industries of this age. Empower Network has proved to be a proactive decision maker and has capitalized on this reality. You can record audio blogs and video blogs on your smart phone and upload them directly with just a click. It does not just promise, ENV2 is the upcoming larger-than-life best blogging platform.

Empower Network has always been one step ahead of its rivals and has maintained this tradition till date. This three million dollar investment on behalf of Empower Network is a clear proof of their intelligence, their forwardness to adapt to change and their belief in their purpose of existence. Their mission has been to empower individuals and put them in control of their life.

Something BIG is coming. Don't miss your ENV2 train. Come on board NOW!
With ENV2, their mission and the promise of being the best blogging platform can be seen being delivered together.

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