E-cigarettes Vs. Regular Cigarettes

By: Joe Volcano

I suppose we all know the existence of electronic cigarettes nowadays. These electronic cigarettes are becoming more preferred than the regular ones primarily because they are dubbed as the safer smoking method. We may all be aware of the risks of smoking a tobacco-type cigarette, and most people would want to avoid that kind of harm. Thankfully, we can now enjoy the pleasure of smoking with these e-cigarettes without risking our health.
While more and more people are getting hooked to ecigs, there are still a greater number of regular cigarette smokers. There are people who still prefer smoking the regular tobacco-type cigarettes because of the incomparable sensation it offers. Although there are more benefits of using electronic cigarettes, most smokers still canít let go of regular cigarettes.
If you want to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, here are some facts and differences that you may want learn about.
1. The Smoke:
The smoke emitted by an electronic cigarette is not the same as that of a regular cigarette. It may resemble the same white smoke but itís totally different. An ecig only emits passive smoke which is a water-based vapor. This vapor is caused by the nicotine liquid solution which basically makes the electronic cigarette work. There is also a big difference even with the smell. You donít have to deal with your clothes reeking of smoke because ecigs donít leave behind any unpleasant odor.
2. The Flavor:
Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes come in many different flavors. With VolcanoEcigs, you can choose from 10 different flavors which include Tobacco, Menthol, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Waikiki Watermelon, Cherry Lava, Pineapple Punch, Kona Coffee, Coocoo Coconut, and Blue Water Punch.
3. The Sensation:
This is usually the question smokers ask when they buy electronic cigarettes. The best electronic cigarette should at least give you the same sensation you can get from smoking a regular cigarette. That is why electronic cigarettes are said to be the better alternative.
4. The Operation/Usability:
We all know how regular cigarettes are smoked. You get a cigarette stick and light it. Thatís it. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand are somewhat more intricate to use. An electronic cigarette has 3 main components, the cartridge (which is also known as the mouthpiece), the atomizer (this is the heating element) and the batteries (this is the power source). Before you can use an ecig, you have to make sure you have working batteries and a loaded cartridge.
5. The Packages:
When you buy a regular cigarette, you can get it by packs which consist of 10-20 sticks. While when you buy electronic cigarettes, you can get them in starter kits. Electronic cigarette starter kits consist of a pair of rechargeable batteries, wall and USB chargers, the ecig and flavored cartomizers. VolcanoEcig starter kits come with 5 atomized cartomizers of your preferred flavors.
If you are not sure about which electronic cigarette brand to get, try VolcanoEcigs. This is one of the best electronic cigarettes in the market. Get the best ecig for a very reasonable price. The VolcanoEcigs starter kit only costs $64.99.

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