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By: Vikram Kuamr

There are numerous programs created to help smokers say goodbye to smoking, but most of them failed. This is because they do not help the patient with their craving. This is something that e-cigarette can do for you. If you are dedicated and serious in achieving your goal to stop smoking, then you need to create a timeline. This is the span of time when you need to overcome your addiction or bad habit. Within this timeline, you need to be able to resists your urge of taking real cigarette. Right before you start a timeline you need to acquire first your E cigarette as this will be your best buddy to gain success.

There are studies conducted about habit timeline and formation. You need to replace this bad habit with good one in order to overcome it. In this case, you are going to use e-cigarette as a replacement to smoking real cigarette. According to these studies it will take 21 days in order for a person to form a new habit. It is possible to win this 21 days challenge if you will use an electronic cigarette as it can help you ease the urge of using cigarette for that period of time. Habit is connected with the mind and what people believe is what they are.

Aside from using Cigarette Electronique, you also need to believe that you can quit smoking with the help of this device. It is called mind over matter. You need to become a non-smoker from being a chain smoker. To be able to do it, you need to live with it and avoid anything that will remind you of your bad habit. E-cigarette is a great help especially if you will stay away from everything that can remind you of smoking. If you want a timeline, it is better to stick with 21 days and gives electronic cigarette a chance to help you with your withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

The Cleanliness of Cigarette Electronique Compared to Regular Cigarette.

If you have been a smoker for such a long time and you are tired of absorbing all the nicotine that is within a regular stick you can now switch to an e-cigarette. It is not a new technology today because it has been around for years now but because a lot of smokers have switched already to this new thing and a lot of people has enjoyed it and currently using it for their absolute convenience. E-cigarettes are known to be cheaper, cleaner and these are better alternative to regular cigarettes because the amount of nicotine is reduced thus it will make you healthier yet satisfied.

Do you know that a lot of people roughly spend $6 to every pack of cigarette each day and an average smoker spend more than $6 a day? This means that the people are spending more than $40 a week for a starter kit. The price of a cartridge is lesser than the amount of the entire kit that you will buy. When you have finally considered switching to e-cigarette you will not repent it because it is more convenient to use and itís more economical too.

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Not a lot everyone know that Cigarette Electronique - www.smokemove.com/fr/3-nos-cigarettes-electroniques - are also cleaner compared to a regular cigarette. Itís because you donít have to throw anything in the trash and there are no ashes too, which makes E-Cigarette an optimum choice of so many people these days.

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