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By: Meena Chauhan

You talk too much. That's right...you talk too much. You're just about ready to close the deal and then you go and open up your mouth one time to many and blow the whole thing. Think I'm kidding? Truth is, while many marketers don't give prospects nearly enough information, there are just as many who give away the whole store and as a result, the prospect has no reason to even check out your sales page or product. This article is going to share a true story and some tips that should come in handy.

Back when I started marketing online about five years ago as an affiliate marketer, I started out by selling an ebook via email marketing. for more detials:-www.ebook-author-interview.com.Well, at the beginning I made a couple of mistakes that cost me a lot of sales. How many? Well, let's put it this way. I didn't make any sales at all. And the reason was because of two things that I did. Once I stopped doing these two things, the sales started coming. What where these two little things that turned out not to be so little?

The first thing was to tell people that it was an ebook. You'd be surprised how many people get turned off at the thought of purchasing an ebook. Something about it just makes them want to heave. So I took out all references to the ebook and told them simply to check out this information. That alone made all the difference in the world as more people started going to the site. But there was still one more thing I was doing that was killing sales.

I was telling people the name of the site in the email. As soon as they saw the name, they immediately had made up their minds that they already knew what this was all about. So they ignored it. By removing the name of the site from the email, this also increased visitors. But I also had to do one more thing. for visit detials:-www.create-own-ebook.com.I had to start cloaking my URLs because they were able to tell, from the URL what the site was even if I didn't mention the name in the email. Once I did this, sales really started to increase. How much? I had made only 3 sales in my first 8 days but by the end of my first month, I had made 25 sales of this product.

And the above is only the tip of the iceberg. Some marketers go as far as telling people the price of the product in the email. Unless they're running a special where people know the regular price, this is just not a good idea. Let them go to the web page and see what the price is for themselves.

Just these few tips alone should greatly increase the conversions on your email marketing campaigns.

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