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By: Japinder Dhillon

The other night I was watching The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch and he had on some fascinating guests- teenage millionaires. Their stories were truly inspiring. What struck me most was that I noticed some common themes that were easy to understand that everyone can use to achieve more success with ebooks or any business. And, if an 8 year old can implement so can you!

But, before I relay their stories I want to point out that all of them were boys and I think that really says something about the way boys and girls are socialized in this country. for more detials:-www.create-own-ebook.com.I think it’s important to figure out why boys are getting it and girls aren’t and start finding a way to include the girls too!

But here are the 5 lessons:

Number 1. They were highly motivated. They had some deep desire that drove them to pursue making money. In one case the boy’s family was very poor and the mother was very ill. He had very few resources or role models but it didn’t stop him from becoming a millionaire! He just knew that he had to help his mother.

In another case, the boy started his first business at the ripe old age of 8! And by high school he was making $50,000 a year. What motivated him was the realization that by creating an income for himself he would be independent even though he was just a kid. His conviction crystallized when he decided that he wanted to come home from the boarding school that he had been sent to. for visit detials:-www.create-own-ebook.com.When he told his dad that he had had enough and wanted to come home, his dad said “if you pay me back the tuition you can come home”. (The tuition was $25,000) so his son paid him the tuition and went home! He understood the freedom that making money would give him.

In a third case, the boy, Tony Hawk, was a passionate skateboarder who turned his passion into a multi-million dollar business with endorsement deals and even a theme park ride! He saw opportunity where others didn’t and he hung in there even during the leaner years. But ultimately, his vision and his passion carried him to millions.

Number 2. They started small but they took action. All of the boys started small and grew their fortunes. But, they didn’t get any money from their parents. They were resourceful and found ways to turn their dreams into reality on their own. How many times have you heard people say “if I only had the money I would do X”? They didn’t have ANY money and they did it anyway!

In one case, the boy seized on the popularity of Beanie Babies and got his sister to sell him hers for $100. He then turned around and sold them for $1000 on eBay! Then he became a distributor for the company by contacting them and ASKING for what he wanted-more Beanie Babies to sell. That took chutzpah! He was under-aged and normally a company would never give a child a distributorship but because his parents had helped him get a business credit card-and because they didn’t ask him his age, he was given the distributorship!

The boy who came from a poor family who’s mother was ill -get this- PAINTED ROCKS and sold them! I can’t even fathom to this day who would want to buy them, but that’s how he started!

And in the third case, skate-boarding legend, Tony Hawks was just doing what he loved and over time it morphed from a hobby to a multi-million dollar business.

Number 3. They had a “can do” attitude. It didn’t occur to them that they couldn’t accomplish what they set out to do! They just did it and expected it to work out. That doesn’t mean it was always easy or that they didn’t come up against real challenges, but they were able to stick to it and overcome adversity.

Number 4. They looked for opportunities to make money. What you focus on expands. So if you want more money think about ways that you can create more cash flow. When you ask the universe “how can I make more money?” on a regular basis, answers will come to you. It just takes learning to look at things in a new way. I know this from experience.

Number 5. They thought outside the box. They not only looked for opportunities but they saw them in places that other people didn’t see and seized them.

So to recap, if you want to be a millionaire, you have to think like one so find a big enough why, start small but take action, have a “can do” attitude, look for opportunities to make money, and think outside the box.

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