Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Offers Detoxification Treatment Combined with Mental Disorder Treatment

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Dual diagnosis occurs when there is both a mental disorder and a substance abuse problem. Both conditions often occur together and drug and alcohol problems occur with depression and anxiety disorders, which can lead to schizophrenia and personality disorders.  It has been discussed that the mental problems occur first and this leads to alcohol or drug use that makes them feel better on a temporary basis. Yet substance abuse can be the first diagnosis and this abuse may lead to mental and emotional problems as well. Most of the times, they go hand in hand. To recover completely, most patients need to enter into a dual diagnosis treatment center where both these problems can be treated. The first treatment will often be detoxification; and the next step is rehabilitation. Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Often, professional involvement is the only solution when you or your loved one, who is suffering from addiction, decides to overcome the addiction. Self-medication can prove to be extremely fatal and worsen the situation. It is always better to look for a reputable treatment center where detoxification as well as treatment for mental disorder is done. The objective of treatment centers is to provide addicts with customized treatment plans, depending upon their condition. Besides this, they also teach them the necessary skills to live a clean and sober life. Along with this, family programs, counseling sessions and recreational events are also organized from time to time to enable them to live a normal life. Types of Therapies Along with clinical detoxification programs, the long term dual diagnosis centers specialize in providing behavioral therapies as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.  There are twelve-step programs that use support and family groups, counseling, and psychotherapy. The programs also include reward systems, hypnosis treatment and role playing. Medications are often used in conjunction with counseling to help addicts through withdrawal symptoms in safe environment. A full physical, mental and life evaluation is done before an individual is prescribed a specific medication or treatment.  Short term dual diagnosis Florida centers have programs that are designed to solve immediate problems. Moreover, these types of treatment are suitable only for those individuals who do not have any severe addiction problems. Individuals will long history of alcohol or drug addiction, along with a co-occurring mental health issue, will require undergoing a long term treatment program. Outpatient treatment programs offered by dual diagnosis treatment centers may or may not include the use of medication but use counseling, group and individual therapies. These programs are generally suitable for those who are at the risk of developing addiction problem. These are generally conducted in school or at work places to teach youngsters and adults in gaining necessary knowledge and understanding to avoid falling in the trap of addiction. So, instead of self medicating your addiction at home, make sure to seek professional assistance in order to overcome your addiction in easiest, softest and most comfortable way possible.

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