Drunken Driving in Florida

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The task of a driver on roads is really very tough and needs lot of attention and alertness. He has to overcome several vehicles whether light or heavy, and have to drive in parallel and in accordance with those vehicles. He has to be mentally present on road so that he can take significant decisions in seconds. So, driving after the in-take of alcohol, a driver cannot perform his task in a proper manner keeping him in the risk of encountering accidents.

A driver has to face challenges in the overcoming the situation of heavy traffic and going safely throughout. Science tells that alcohol affects our mind and we get out of control after in taking it. Even 1% of alcohol in our blood influences our vision, and our sense of judgment resulting in imbalance of steering.

It is observed that out of the sources like technical problems in vehicle and bad weather conditions, drivers are considered to be the major causes of accidents prevailing in the state of Florida. The behavior controls the vehicle and a driver is controlled by a proper training, defensive driving skills as well as his attitude.

Florida drunk driver statistics shows that the percentage of accidents related to alcohol was highest in the year 1993, and the deaths occurring due to drunken driving accidents was at its peak in the year 1986. In the year 2006, out of all types of vehicle crashes, 29% involved in alcohol related crashes.

Florida has now pertained offenses to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. These are:
• DUI (Driving Under Influence)
• DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)

On roads, a vehicle is not considered to be safe if a driver is incapable in driving. A defensive driving skill is must for any driver. Joining a defensive driving class in Florida will help you making a better driver. A driver is known by the following skills:

• Quick judgment and good decision power
• Awareness and carefulness while driving at nights
• Maintaining proper distance between two vehicles.
• Broader way to think and react to the events taking place on the roads
• Precise visualization is very important

So, violence due to alcohol results in raising accidental cases of injuries and deaths.
Alcohol will not only result in affecting you in accidents but also other drivers and passengers around by. And in case, if you are caught by police and have to give breathe test, you are required to comply. A refusal in obeying this rule will strictly result in an immediate suspension for a period of one year, according to the ‘Implied Consent Law’ of Florida. Any casualties during accidents will immediately put your behind bars.

In case of avoiding such penalties and risk of danger to your life, go for defensive driving classes in Florida that will help you in enhancing your safety driving skill and will save your life from killing yourself. Just for your convenience, these defensive driving classes in Florida are provided online.

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