Drunk Driving in Other Countries

By: Fred Jones

As more and more people drink, drink and driving, or driving under influence (DUI) has become an increasing issue in today's society. Drinking and driving is a serious crime. It could not only put you in danger but people around you in danger as well. Campaigns against drunk-driving have been set up in most, if not all, countries where they use motorized vehicles as part of their life. Some driving under influence laws even apply to boating, like in Canada, and piloting aircraft and even when riding a bicycling in some states in US, such as California. Drunk driving has become an increasing problem today since the drinking culture has been adapted by most people. Although it is not recommended to drive under influence, there are certain limitations you can keep to drink.

With the advent of a scientific test for blood alcohol content (BAC), the law can be enforced with more strict liability. BAC is measured as a percentage of alcohol in the blood by weight. Most countries that allow drinking and driving have limited people to drive under the BAC limit. In Asia, it varies from 0.02% China to 0.05% Taiwan. In most other countries, it is common to see the limit from 0.02% to 0.05% as well. In the North America, including Canada, United States, and Mexico, the BAC limit is at 0.08%. In United States, there are two statutory offenses for drinking and driving. The first one is DUI and it requires proof of intoxication. The second one is the so-called illegal per se offense, requiring proof of BAC of 0.08% or higher when physically in control of the vehicle. The accused driver may be convicted on both offenses, but may only be punished for one.

They have different laws about drinking and driving in many different countries. There are some very extreme ones for instance in El Salvador, you are shot by firing squad on your first offense and in Bulgaria, a second conviction results in execution. In other countries, a monetary fine is charged but in some countries, more punishment comes along with the fine. In Australia, the names of the drivers are sent to the newspapers and are printed under the heading "He's Drunk and in Jail." In Malaysia, the driver is jailed and if he is married, his wife is jailed as well, probably so that she could nag him not to drink and drive anymore. In Turkey, they drop off the driver 20miles from his home and make them walk home, then take his car and fine the driver at their home. In other countries, people who gave them the alcohol is fined as well.

People have come up with alternatives such as designated drivers, where they are with the group but do not drink alcoholic beverages, but it is used as punishments for some so it does not prove useful. Some bartenders or the host call the taxi for the drunk, and in some countries, there are drivers who you can call to drive you and your car home. So make use of these different methods and don't drive under influence.

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