Drug addiction and burden on society

By: Joseph Warner

You earn with your hard work. You pay tax to government to provide you with a better life. Truly, taxes are paid to government for more improvement of the social infrastructure and to ensure a better life for all social people. So, you deserve the right to know where your money is going which you paid in form of tax. Infact, every one in the society does have that right. Your money goes to build bridges, railways, ports, hospitals etc besides many other investments which play important roles in long run. What about your money being invested in jails. Do you like the people who are in jail? Yes or no makes no difference. It is true that a huge amount of government money which is actually the taxpayer’s money is invested in building jails and maintaining the jailbirds.

Why the existing jails are not enough to accommodate all criminals so that new jails are to be built? Research and many survey reports show that in 2008 there were almost 550,000 prisoners to be kept in prison. All of these numbers were guilty of drug abuse. Among them 290,000 were addicted to drug, a street drug having tremendous effects on nervous system making the consumer forgetful of the real world. 200,000 among the total number were the victim of heroine, another drug belonging to the same group as drug and having almost the similar effects. Previously a drug addicts used to be locked into a room until and unless the habit leaves them. In many cases those process rather led the drug addict to leave the world! But, now the world and the process of medication has changed. Previously there was no assured permanent cure and in most cases those taking drugs used to come back to jail again after committing crimes to gather money for drugs.

Now Government with taxpayers’ money arranges treatment for drug addicts in jail and keeps them for long with expensive treatment until they become better. So, someone is taking drug robbing people and then receiving costly treatment by government. Thus, a huge amount of money which could be utilized to arrange education for orphans are wasted on some drug addicted. So, what comes here as a possible way to stop wasting your money. If the addicted is taken to a rehab home before he gets involved in to any crimes, would assure a greater help for him as well as for the society. Do not let your money thus go in drain. If you find anyone known or unknown or yourself become addicted with any kind of drugs, we are here to take you to a drug free world. Where leaving the habit of taking drug will not be a painful process but an enjoyable one to find you free.

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