Drug Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

By: Scott Bernberg

The Advantages of Residential Drug Treatment
For those who are able to make it work within the structure of their lives, residential drug treatment offers a series of benefits that help the individual get clean, stay drug-free and live their lives in a healthier more productive manner.
What is Residential Drug Treatment?
Residential drug treatment facilities are places where an individual puts their life on temporary hold so that they can undergo round-the-clock treatment and care for an extended period of time. The core of a residential drug treatment program includes detoxification from drug use (always medically supervised to help the individual cope with withdrawal symptoms), counseling (both individual with a counselor and group with other recovering addicts in the program, and aftercare (which helps the individual transition back into their lives post-rehab).
Although not always a perfect fit, there are several advantages to residential drug treatment over outpatient programs that treat the individual during the day and then allow them to return home in the evening.
The Advantages of Residential Drug Treatment
#1: No distractions
When an individual enters residential drug treatment, they are removing themselves from the temptations and distractions of the outside world. The residential facility should be considered a “safe place” where the only thing that person needs to worry about is there recovery. For many people, the lack of “noise” alone is enough to at least start them on the road to addiction recovery.
#2: More than just drug rehab
Most residential drug rehab programs take a whole body approach to treating the individual. That means in addition to detox and counseling, the program will feature nutritional counseling, yoga, exercise and other services designed to help the individual get healthier in mind, body and spirit. This is essential, since many drug addicts have forgone anything associated with good health and personal well-being during the course of their drug addiction.
#3: Round-the-clock care
Individuals with a serious drug addiction, or those who have repeatedly tried and failed to make it through rehab, benefit greatly from round-the-clock care administered by counselors and other members of the rehab staff. Having every moment of the day planned out is a hallmark of residential drug rehab. The reason most programs do this is because drug addiction greatly diminished the structure in one’s life. Rehab is there to rebuild it.
#4: A feeling of accomplishment
When an individual completes a drug rehab program, they have accomplished something they can truly be proud of. This is a challenging process, and making it through helps build up the self-confidence of the individual. The recovering addict can then utilize this self-confidence in the “real world” as they pursue new jobs, new relationships and a new life.
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