Drug Addiction Counseling In Dependency Treatments

By: Ben Pate

It is a huge challenge for anyone who is trying to beat an addiction to a prescription medication for pain. Opioids are very addictive drugs that are prescribed for pain. A person with an addiction to the substance will find that detoxification is just the first step in their battle. The addiction counseling is an important part in the treatment of drug abuse.

Counseling Approaches

There are many approaches to counseling that can be included in an individual therapy program. Once an individual has completed detox and the poison of the drug is gone from the body, they are ready to begin their treatment plan. Each persons plan is individualized to meet their specific needs. Often, there are several concerns that must be dealt with through treatment that are the result of their addiction.

Different Therapies

Along with CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, other approaches such as family therapy will be helpful to individuals who are recovering from addiction. In some cases psychotherapy is also used to address mental health issues that may be contributing to the abuse of drugs. Social and psychological issues can be very strong motivators that cause an individual to relapse.


Even after a person has rid their body of the drug and the physical dependence is gone, these individuals have a high risk of relapse. Certain factors such as stress, visiting a particular neighborhood or people who are still using, provide the temptation to use again. With therapy, the individual learns appropriate coping skills to deal with every day life without drugs.

Treatment Plan

Treatment plans for individuals with drug addictions utilize several different therapies. There is no particular therapy that is seen as better or more successful than another. Additionally, there is no specific method that is right for every individual. Each person will have their own treatment plan developed with their specific addiction and needs in mind.

Group Session

Usually group therapy is preferred to individual therapy sessions. People find support from peers through these group therapy sessions. In addition, they are challenged by their peers. Twelve step programs are very well known resources that are free to those who need it. In this kind of a therapy group the individual will feel comfortable learning from other people in the same situation.

Dual Diagnosis

Private and individual intensive outpatient services is more appropriate for people who have been dual diagnosed. A person may be dealing with a mental health disorder like depression or bipolar as well as addiction problem. It is important that therapy deals separately with the addiction to drugs and the mental health disorder.

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A person can go through a drug counseling program as an outpatient or they can check into a intensive outpatient services facility. Residential programs separate the person from the setting where the addiction began. They are very costly programs that may or may not work better than outpatient therapy. There is a continuing debate whether inpatient or intensive outpatient programs are better.

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