Driving wheelchair vans

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Traveling from place to place is important to any person, regardless of his or her medical status. Those who have some mobility issues though face the difficulty of traveling using only their wheelchairs. Using a wheelchair for long distances is very tiring, not to mention dangerous, taking into consideration that many roads and sidewalks are not very wheelchair-friendly.

To help disabled individuals avoid this difficulty of using mainly their wheelchairs to get from point A to point B, some car manufacturers have started to create wheelchair vans. Auto repair shops have taken this need into account, as well, and some of them are authorized to convert vans and transform them into used handicap vans, perfect for those who have mobility problems.

A person who is physically disabled can greatly increase mobility and improve his or her state of mind by driving wheelchair vans or used handicap vans. For these people, it is important never to take themselves down by an accident and continue to live life just like before it. And if driving was one of their favorite activities, there is no reason why they should not continue practising it.

Vans created for disabled people feature a ramp to allow the driver to get inside the vehicle, hand controls, safety restraints that secure the driver and the wheelchair, at the same time, and other accessories designed to enhance the driving experience for a person found in a wheelchair. The ramp is an important feature of a wheelchair van and can be maneuvered manually or electronically.

To get into a vehicle like this, a person needs to first lower the ramp. For this, the van has to be parked in an area where there is enough space for the ramp to the lowered. Entering a wheelchair van must be performed only when the engine is not running; otherwise, the person attempting to get inside his vehicle could be surprised by an unexpected movement of the van.

When the ramp is lowered, the driver needs to find himself in a safe area. Ramps are very heavy and they can seriously injure a person located in their area of action. After getting inside the van, the driver needs to secure his wheelchair and also himself by using the accessibility tools in the vehicle. The best way to secure the wheelchair is to connect its frame to the floor of the van.

Connecting a movable part of the wheelchair to the floor could lead to unpleasant situations, since these parts can always get detached from their location and make the wheelchair move, when this is supposed to be stationary. To see if the wheelchair moves after being secured, disabled drivers are required to try to move the wheelchair themselves. If the wheelchair is indeed secured, the driver can proceed to driving his van.

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Driving does not come in handy to everybody. You need to be physically fit to perform this task, according to some car makes. Thankfully, there are some vehicle manufacturers that create wheelchair vans, perfect for disabled people. If you look for this kind of vehicles or for used handicap vans, visit our website to find your ride.

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