Drink and Drug Driving Offences in Australia

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Alcohol causes more than 50 per cent of road fatalities and also more than 20 per cent of serious injuries. 0.05 of Blood Alcohol Concentration increases the risk of being involved in a crash. Driving while under the pressure of drugs seriously affects your skill to drive safely and is just as unsafe as drink driving. A person can be charged under drunken driving cases if your body has more alcohol in your system than legally allowed. Cops generally conduct such checking with a machine which helps in telling the percentage of alcohol in the body. These tests are preliminary breath tests which can be conducted then and there. The exact charge brought on to you will depend on the level of alcohol recorded in your system while driving. Your BAC reading helps determine the content of alcohol in the body. Studies have shown that drivers are twice as likely to crash with a BAC of 0.05g/100mL, seven times more likely to crash with a BAC of 0.08g/100mL, while a BAC of 0.15g/100mL increases the chance of crashing by 25 times. Disqualification notices are also served which bans a driver to drive for 2 months or even more.
Perth lawyers represent people with charges like Bail Applications, Fraud Offences, Drug Offences – Possession, Robbery, etc. They are equipped with the needed knowledge to successfully investigate and keep their case armed with proofs and witnesses at the trial. There are a number of different charges under the Road Traffic Act 1974 (WA) that is grouped according to the BAC reading. They are:
•excess 0.00 BAC (reading of up to less than 0.02 BAC)
•excess 0.02 BAC (reading of 0.02 BAC up to less than 0.05 BAC)
•excess 0.05 BAC (reading of 0.05 BAC up to less than 0.08 BAC)
•excess 0.08 BAC (reading of 0.08 BAC up to less than 0.15 BAC), and
•Driving under the influence (reading of 0.15 BAC or more).

Drug driving is the term used to describe a crime of driving while damaged by drugs or driving with an illegal drug. If found any content of an illegal drug in your body while driving, you are a criminal as per the police records. It is a different offence than drunk driving while under the influence of drugs. But it also happens that many who are on prescribed medication get caught. Such people should take legal advice. It is advisable to look for experienced solicitors to fight your case and dealing with the laws can be tricky. Experienced solicitors have an upper hand as they have prior experiences of court trials which helps them deal and face the judge of honour.
Points to remember:
•Time to recover is a must
•Alcohol has different effects on different people
•Combining alcohol with drugs and medicines is risky

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