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By: Vikram Kuamr

You may be planning a party for your friends and you are all excited about the idea of impressing them. Perhaps you have never hosted a party of this size before and you want it to be something that they will always remember. Plan ahead and make sure to make a list of the guests. It is advisable to ensure that your guests will get along with each other by carefully going over the list and including like-minded people, who will not misbehave themselves, or have a reputation as being “drunks.” Try to get some good drink recipes to make the evening lively.

Drinking is fun when everyone is topping up exciting cocktails and mixes that you have created from different drink recipes. People like to get sloshed to lose their inhibitions especially when they have to participate in some dice drinking games or card games. Some people are inherently shy and require a little boosting. Most of them are aware of their limits and may enjoy an extra drink or two to let their hair down. Everyone is not an extrovert and it takes time for people who are generally introverts to warm up. Introduce a few dice drinking games or other types of light games to keep the party lively and fun.

Boxing is a fun game that can be played by four people. All you require is beer, 2 dice, 2 shot glasses and a stop watch. Two players box each other while the other two are corner men. One who roles the least number on the dice has to take both the shot as well as the punch. The players are encouraged to drink fast in order to win the game. The game ends when they flip their cup and display their fingers in the upside-down-position. The corner men have the job of filling the glasses.

Similarly there are many other games that you can find on various websites online. Take the time to go through the games and decide which ones you would like to play. Consider the type of crowd, if there are women etc. when you plan bawdy games. Never let the party get out of hand and encourage people to get boisterous, drunk or lying in a pool of vomit! Select a pleasant mix of friends, relatives or colleagues and encourage them to take part in the games as they drink and enjoy the fun.

Look online for interesting websites that offer different types of drinking games, card games and dice games. They may also offer an interesting variety of cocktails and drinks that you can mix and match if you do not want to hire a bartender. If you have the right ingredients, cocktail shaker, crushed or cubed ice and other ingredients such as lemon, lemon juice, orange and other fruits or mixes, you can make fabulous cocktails that will be the talk of the town. Some people become wittier and may quote famous sayings about alcohol to keep everyone laughing. It is right to have a pleasant blend of friends and acquaintances to brighten up the party spirits.

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