Double-sided network protection with spam filters and pen testing

By: Jhoana_Cooper

If you’re trying to protect your network from infiltrators, you might as well do it all the way. Sometimes, the harm doesn’t come from outside the fences of your network. It’s cause by wrong decisions made by other people who are using the computers included in your network. This is the reason why it’s not enough to just install anti-virus softwares and firewalls in your network anymore. You’re going to need the complementary benefits of spam filters and pen testing.

Pen testing basics

Pen testing is another term for penetration testing. It pinpoints all the factors that could necessarily harm your network from the outside. You wouldn’t actually know which antivirus softwares and firewalls are actually good for you unless you know exactly what it is that you’re network is at risk of. As much as possible, you shouldn’t give in to mere sales talk. You should know your network’s weaknesses like you would your own body. A pen testing software helps you do this, and more. It also detects new viruses which may not be in the list of the most popular anti-virus softwares in the market.

Viruses aren’t the only things you need to watch out for when you’re online. Your pen testing software can also help protect your system from outside computers who may be trying to hack into your delicate files. Whether you’re running a company or not, this is never a good thing. When you’re running a company, your competitors can simply hack into your documents when you’re not protected with a pen testing software. Without this network protective system, you also run the risk of having your identity stolen from you. There are phishers all over the net, and they could try to grab your personal information for unlawful purposes under your noses if you’re not careful.

Spam filters

Sometimes, the danger doesn’t come from outside your network. Sometimes you let harmful elements penetrate your system because you chose to, or someone in your system did so. If you’re running a network of about twenty or more computers, and you can’t trust where the people navigating these computers will go once they’re online, you can install spam filters which can block harmful websites from your browsers and keep your network clean and safe.

Spam filters are also useful when you’re trying to protect your kids from adult content found all over the internet. You can make sure that they don’t chat with strangers using IM devices without your knowledge. In terms of company networks, spam filters are also useful in conserving bandwidth within the network. Some employees like to sneak in a download or two when they’re at work. This can seriously deplete the bandwidth of the entire network, not to mention cause serious damage if a virus infiltrates the system.

OS Compatibility

Whether you’re choosing softwares and filtering devices that protect your network from within or without, you should make sure that the internet filter and penetration system you’re choosing are compatible with the OS of your computers. To be safe, you should try to run your system on Windows and Linux versions. These two OS variations are popular with network control and protection devices.

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Protect your system inside-out with both Pen testing softwares and spam filters.

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