Dot Net Development-A reliable Microsoft technology for web application development

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The .Net framework from Microsoft leads the way when it comes to building scalable web applications in quick time and without spending much. The dot net development platform acts as a consistent programming model for dot net developers who want complete flexibility and control in terms of software development. This Microsoft framework paves way for building highly secured and advanced web applications that have the power to cut down business costs and increase productivity. The .Net framework including the ASP .Net development platform offers plenty advantages to developers in web application development.
Both .Net development and ASP .Net development uk have turned out to be powerful tools for building dynamic web pages as well. To start with, these two Microsoft technologies simplify the development efforts of an application developer. How? While using ASP, an application developer writes application logic (code) and presentation logic (design) if there is a need to present data from a database in a web page. Also, the developer needs to blend the ASP code together with HTML code to get the best result. However, with ASP.Net development or Dot Net development uk, this entire thing is simplified and made easier by separating the application logic and presentation logic. This results in easier code maintenance.
While creating applications, developers need to take care of security and bug issues. Using dot net development platform, developers can make debugging easier, simpler and quicker because the framework offers the best support for Runtime diagnostics. Now, with Runtime diagnostics you can easily track bugs and know the actual performance of an application. Accordingly, you can fine tune the application and offer the users the best experience. The Microsoft .Net development platform offers mainly three types of Runtime diagnostics which are Performance Counters, Tracing and Event Logging.
Another major advantage of using .Net development platform is its compatibility with other programming languages. With .Net framework, itís easier for developer to transfer applications from one programming platform to another. Next, the framework can be integrated seamlessly with different formats. For instance, you can integrate data with laptop, PC, smart phones and tablets too. The programs can be accessed easily no matter which platform you are using. Web applications developed using .Net framework, are easier to deploy and maintain too. For installing an application, one needs to copy the application with components into a directory on the computer. The framework takes care of details of locating and loading the components. It also ensures that all the components the application depends on are available on the computer before the application begins to execute.
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