Dont buy mlm leads

By: Brittany Hancock

I've encountered alot of business owners online that think they have to buy mlm leads. When thinking about whether or not to buy mlm leads there are many things to consider. A big problem you have when you buy mlm leads is that 98% are cold leads. Do you really know how hard it can be to get a cold lead to sign up for your mlm business? The people you are calling don't know anything about you or your company and you are trying to convince them to sign up with you. Telemarketers pretty much use the same tactis that you are using to entice a cold lead to join your business. We all know how big of a pain a telemarketer can be. Cold leads will perceive you as someone else trying to talk them into a service they don't want. This is absolutely not the method to create potential teammembers for your business. Would someone really want to join with a stranger or with a product they don't think they can utilize.Secondly, you shouldn't buy mlm leads if you have no idea what type of lead they may be.Bought leads can come from anywhere such as gaming sites, healthcare sites or social websites that are irrelevant to your business. Purchased mlm leads may not be as targeted as advertised. Who really knows where the real source of these produced from? The next reason why you should never buy mlm leads is, because they simply cost money! The money can start adding up pretty fast when you are paying for your leads and not signing anyone up to your business. When you buy your mlm leads they can cost more than the income you would generate from them. In all reality why put out cash for mlm leads when you can get targeted leads at no cost? With this new invention called the internet, spending money on mlm leads doesn't make sense. A little knowledge about the internet can produce free mlm leads daily.You can learn the techniques to generate massive amounts of leads at little to no expense. Some of them do charge a small monthly fee in order to keep their site up and running and cover their overhead. But even with the small monthly fee it would still be cheaper than paying for leads over and over that never generate income. The advantages of using these types of sites is that they can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to generate free mlm leads. Reasearching and developing knowledge will translate into endless free mlm leads.

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I wrote this article to try to help people understand why they should never buy mlm leads for their business. If you would like more information on how to generate leads then feel free check out: mlm lead generation.

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