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By: Pat Patrickson

If you allow yourself to be intimidated by numbers, employment may seem impossible to find. However, the media often present matters in a sensational matter to draw attention to it, making it seem worse than it actually is. While it is true that the global economy is having some problems, and some people are losing their jobs, it is still possible to find employment if you are willing to give it some thought.

If you have a look at job listing websites such as and, yo will fond that there are staggering amounts of jobs posted there. It does not take a rocket scientist to note the amount of possible opportunities. However, a valid concern is the number of people you will have to compete with in order to get a job: How will you be able to do that?

When applying for any job, you have to keep in mind that your success lies in the impression you make. It's all about the presentation of your resume. Regardless of the numbers, employment is still awarded to the person making the best impression.

The company has to look after its own interests. They will not be looking for the best person among the available applicants, but they will be looking for the best person for that particular job. Someone else applying for the same job, with high qualifications, may not have much of an advantage over you: That person is likely to leave once another opportunity arises. You do not need to be the best on the list to be the best person for the job.

When drafting your resume, make a list of all your skills and capabilities. Include all skills you have acquired, regardless of whether you have obtained qualification or not. Anything you have learned that the average person in the street has not, is a skill that could be of value to the company.

Once you have compiled the list, decide which of these will be of value to the company, depending on the job requirements and descriptions. Stating what you are capable of will immediately tell the recruiting officer if you are a good candidate, preventing the possibility of your resume ending up in the wrong pile.

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