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By: ChristyJonpns

Well, there is normal sadness; the way you feel when you are not happy about something that has happened to you. And then there is serious sadness; thatís what they call depression. Itís what happens to you when you stay too sad for too long, so that you donít even know what you are being sad about anymore. Finally, weíve got severe or major depression. Thatís when you want to end it all. So, unless you steer off depression as soon as it starts, it might lead to such conditions that wonít be pleasant one bit.

Social situations around you can be affected by your mood. As a matter of fact, if you are depressed enough, you might not want to be involved at all in anything. Sometimes it gets so bad that you sequester yourself away in some locked room for days and people can't get to you. Always work on ensuring you don't do anything that can harm you or anyone when you are depressed. Better still, work hard on forcing yourself to get out of such depressive states.

Two to three times more likely, a woman gets depressed before a man does. You already know that ladies are emotional beings, itís how they are. And when the depression comes, sometimes they seem to fall apart. But the honest truth is that they handle depression better than most men.

Humans get depressed occasionally, there's little anyone can do about it. What can be controlled is your attitude to the condition, and how you respond to it. Some people prefer to deny the fact, and it ends up hurting them even more. Those that face up to it are usually able to control and even put an end to it before it destroys them. That's the approach you should take, if you are always depressed.

Depression rarely, if ever, comes upon you as a blast. It begins softly, and then it deepens gradually over several months or years, depending on how quickly you catch it Ė or not. Iíd pray you were one of the few people who caught on quick so YOU donít make a mess of YOU, before itís too late.

Some call it a ďnervous breakdown,Ē but really it's just depression. Alright, you might argue that there is nothing ďjustĒ about depression, and you wouldn't be wrong. However when you appear dazed and confused, topped with the frightened look in your eyes half the time, you can't blame the people around you for thinking things.

Children who suffer from depression may feel unenthusiastic about going to school or mixing with other kids. This will perhaps follow loss of appetite and complaints of aching heads and stomachs. This may not be too far from what adults experience, but they simply might be less capable of handling the situation.

Depression will change your energy level for sure, negatively that is. Restlessness and agitation are never far away, leaving you fidgeting and pacing. Also, it could be the other way round. You could lie down moping throughout the whole of the day and yet feel no better at the end of it.

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