Donít Let Varicose Veins Hunt You Down

By: Nicholas Hedge

Getting varicose veins does not mean the end of the world. Men and women who remain standing or sitting for long hours tend to develop those gnarled and bulgy purple lines on their hands and legs but mostly on the calves. In case of pregnant women, the lines appear around the vagina and anus because the veins in the area come under pressure as the uterus grows.

Bulging and Knotted Purple Veins

These appear when the veins carrying blood from the legs to the heart become weak and are unable to transport the fluid against the gravitational force. The blood, as a result, starts pooling in the veins which make them bulging and dark in color. The weakness of the valves can be due to aging and normal wear and tear over the years. Varicose veins are closely related to estrogen levels, so women seem to be more prone to getting these ugly veins. As they undergo hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause these veins become a part of their body.

Keeping Varicose Veins at Bay

Varicose veins can be prevented to an extent by reducing the pressure on the legs. Keep your legs on the coffee table and rest them as you finish your cuppa. Also, if you are lying on the bed keep your feet up on a few pillows to take the pressure off the veins. Increasing blood circulation helps lower the vein pressure, so, while you are resting your feet try rotating the ankles and stretching the calf muscles. People with a desk job should keep their feet raised on a box to ease blood circulation. You can also work the leg muscles every few hours or take a walk around the building to reduce the pressure on veins. If you are on the heavier side, losing a few pounds can definitely help to take off the extra stress from your legs. What you consume has a direct effect on the veins so it is best to follow a nutritious high fiber diet with very little salt.

How Vein Ablation Helps

Varicose veins not only look ugly but also cause serious pain in the legs. Many patients in Huntingdon Beach have reportedly felt the heaviness in their legs, inflammation, discoloration and even ulceration of the skin. Sometimes the condition aggravates and the patient can even get leg ulceration. If you have already been affected by varicose veins, donít worry, because Huntington Beach has expert cardiologists who can help you to get rid of the ugly looking veins. Vein ablation is one of the most frequently practiced treatment methods that has high success rate. In this process, a varicose vein specialist cauterizes the affected vein and seals it off within minutes so that a patient can get immediate relief. Varicose vein treatment is almost painless and allows the patient to resume normal life within a dayís time. The absence of ugly incision marks and surgical cuts is responsible for the huge popularity of this treatment method.

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