Don't Let This Happen To You

By: Arnold Hight

I'm writing this message today to exclaim the good news! You don't have to do even half of that to start getting success in your business. None of this is required for success, a perfect looking blog, a custom branded landing page, to master every form of social media and build a huge online presence, etc. There is only one skill you need to master to build a business beyond your wildest dreams, become a master inviter.

I kid you not, I know top earners who have build their business before creating a self branded blog, a self branded product, they never even did a presentation for their primary company and still haven't to this day. They simply perfected a strategy that they used to invite people to get to a presentation and then followed up. The better the company or product you promote the better results you get with this strategy, of course. This is a great way to promote anything from traditional business, network marketing opportunity, a church, or even a onetime event.

As you can imagine the next thought that comes their way is who can you invite? What if you haven't spent the last 25 years in sales building a list of people to invite to your business presentation? Chances are you already use a free utility that you can use to start conversations, create relationships, and promote whatever it is you want to promote. In fact if you have more time than money you can use this resource to promote for free. If you have more money than time you can use the paid version of this resource to create generate laser target leads.

I'm not suggesting you go out and start spamming your promotional link all over facbook mind you. I will summarize here how to use this strategy, but, I've created a step by step youtube tutorial as well. The first thing you want to do if search for someone who is successful in the industry related to what you want to promote or join a fan page of a something related to your industry. For the purposes of this article we will search for someone who is successful in the network marketing industry. For this demonstration we will search for Mike Dillard. When you get to Mr. Dillard's facebook page on the left hand side you will notice there are nearly 5,000 people you can create relationships with on this page alone.

Here's how to start connecting with them. Click on the profile of the person you want to message to find out something specific to their profile that you can use to start a conversation or something you can relate to. Introduce yourself and ask them a question about themselves relating to their profile. You might say something like this "Hey my name is Arnold. I enjoy meeting new people and networking with other like minded entrepreneurs. I see you are a fan of the book "Think and Grow Rich". That is one of my favorite books, what did you learn from it?"

This will start a conversation and people will start to tell you about themselves. Inevitability they will begin to ask about you and what it is you do. You can say something like "I get paid to promote Gold and Silver Assets online", or whatever it is you do. If they respond back indicating that they would like to hear more you could reply and send them a link to your sight with more information, blog, capture page, etc. But if you really want to grow your business fast here's another option. Propose that you give them a call and give them the details in person rather than message back and for on facebook. Ask them if they have 5 to 10 minutes that day that you can connect with them over Skype or via phone to get them the details, this works better than waiting for them to get around to it.

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This is a simplefacebook marketing strategy that you can use to build your business. Click on the link to see my step by step facebook marketing strategy video on YouTube and discover how quick and easy this is to do.

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