Don't Agree that Government is Too Big?

By: Robert Thomson

The New York Post recently published a story which very well illustrates the rapid transformation of the United States into a banana republic.

The story, Sweet Lemonade Kid $lapped, is about the recent experience of a 10 year old girl in New York who was recently surrounded by police and fined $50 for running a lemonade stand without a government permit.

The afterstory is even more damning. Public and media pressure forced the government to backtrack and revoke the fine — without explaining why it is legal for some people to sell food without a government permit and not legal for others to do the same thing. That is one of the classic defining factors of a banana republic - different laws for different citizens. Arbitrary and capricious enforcement of ridiculous laws by an over-reaching government.

In his first 100 days in office, Barry Obama managed to increase the national debt by 50%. He increasing government spending on almost every level and in almost every major department. Why is he doing this? He’s doing this so that the government can help people just like they helped little ten year old Clementine Lee.

My fervent hope is that Ms. Lee learns from this lesson and grows up to be a staunch supporter of individual liberty.

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Will Spencer is the author of Don't Agree that Government is Too Big? and a proponent of Tax Reform.

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