Domination: The Final Taboo

By: Sonia Ingriselli

Many are aware of bdsm (bondage, domination, sadomasochism), and how this different sexual world has no intentions of hiding behind closed doors. We can actually learn quite a bit from the mistresses or dominatrix in the world of BDSM. Women especially, can learn a bit about self empowerment in a male dominated world.

You can’t deny that men have dominated the bedroom for well over 2000 years. Just take a look around the world, listen to the news or hear the stories. In many cultures, thanks to conservatism, which seems to have no regard for females in general, sex is tabooed into obscurity. This article is not going to give all the credit to western culture, because it seems we still have a long way to go as well.

Femdom by itself is another taboo when regarding women’s sexuality or fantasies. Femdom in the world of bdsm is a female led or dominated relationship; however, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the act of sex. So, when it comes to the final taboo, femdom and female domination seems to be a brick wall. As most of us are aware, even though bricks maybe the strongest way to build a house, they can still topple with the right kind of force.

Femdom and feminism are two completely different things. Even feminism carries around its own myths and stereotypes; however, that’s another article entirely. Women often explore femdom, or even seek advice from a dominatrix in order to help them grow. This usually includes building self-esteem, feeling sexy, or just simply wanting to spice things up in the bedroom with their loving partner. A dominatrix exudes power, and is talented in the art of dominating whoever is brave enough to grace her presence. This is exactly what women find most appealing.

Here’s where a big news flash comes in; but it shouldn’t be much of a shock.

Men fantasise about two particular scenarios quite often:

1. Lesbianism or a three way featuring another woman
2. Femdom and their wives/girlfriends taking total control over there in the bedroom

For men, femdom is a huge sexual desire. Something different, a little extra spice to kick things up a notch, and a way to get the fires burning again. Femdom doesn’t mean you have to tie a collar around your partners’ neck or make him or her clean the house in their underwear. It doesn’t always mean flogging, whipping or spanking either – well, it can but that’s more of a personal choice.

Femdom can involve playful teasing, or dressing up in hot black leather, and high heel boots. It can mean taking on a different persona, exploring a side of you, you never thought possible. The act of dominating can bring a woman out of her inner shell. It can also increase confidence, make women feel desirable and above all else respected and beautiful.

A woman who wants to explore a dominant side in the bedroom should not be shunned into shame, and this type of desire should not be considered taboo anymore. We live in the 21st century, where we no longer have to feel so much shame for wanting to personally explore other avenues when it comes to sex. We certainly shouldn’t feel shamed for wanting to have a little fun in the privacy of our own bedrooms.

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