Domestic Problems Draw President Obama’s Attention

By: Aubrey Moulton

There are those who consider that priorities stateside have limited Obama's ability to make the changes he professed he wanted to make. Instead of focusing on international relations and enhancing the way many countries see the U.S., he has chosen to target the Afghanistan and Iraq war. He and many other politicians have also addressed a struggling economy and have taken on health care reform.
Because of these challenges the president has spent his efforts focusing on domestic regulations and let international stratagem take a back seat. When he has met with foreign dignitaries and gone to visit other countries he has chiefly fixed on mending relations with China. There are those who sense he has not paid as much attention to Europe as he ought. This has disturbed some world leaders because they were so excited for him to be in office. They anticipated things that would revolutionize and the bond that they would have with President Obama and that has not taken place.
Instead of them feeling like valuable allies they feel that they have been overlooked. And this has not gone over well, particularly with America's European allies who have supported the country for so long. Some feel that now they are being forgotten because of the new powerhouse China.
Yet another crisis the president is confronted with at home is that he is having a tough time getting his policies passed within the United States. This blunts his international applomb. Doug Paal with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace commented that "When American presidents get ineffectual at home, it really does affect their ability to act abroad."
In 2009, Obama went to twenty one nations many of which were countries the U.S. has edgy relationships with. While some relationships have grown, some have remained at a standstill while others have regressed, but worries are abundant especially with Iran and North Korea. So it's hard to determine how the world truly feels and if that has improved overall. Iran keeps to itself and is building its nuclear program regardless of their opponents around the world. And North Korea is not improved. They won't even revisit to the conference to discuss their nuclear program.
The struggle in the Middle East is another priority that has seen little attention. Before Obama was sworn into office everyone hoped that a way could be found to curtail the anxiety between the U.S., Israel, and the rest of the Middle East. America's credibility is being questioned and nothing has been done about that. The U.S. has so many domestic issues that the President has not been able to focus on global concerns and that has also harmed the image that President Obama was trying to portray.
But as global issues keep burgeoning and the U.S. and other countries diverge to their own itineraries, the relationships are becoming complicated. The U.S. has enhanced relations with Russia and they are collaborating on pressuring Iran. However, because of cyber attacks from China against the U.S. and the fact that the U.S. is sending arms to Taiwan along with other issues the relationship is getting rockier.
Even though things are still bad, predominantly with Iran and North Korea the world has stepped forward and they do accept that the U.S. can't control absolutely everything. Everyone is trying to join to bring together the international community.

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