Dog Walking Safety

By: Sarah Carlye

Taking your dog for a walk can make sticking to your walking program easier. Having he companionship of the dog during a walk makes walking more enjoyable. Once a dog gets use to taking a walk regularly, a dog will energetically remind you to go for a walk, which can be hard to resist. When you see the health benefits for your dog it will further motivate you to get up off the couch and take a walk so you can maintain the health benefits of walking.

Many dog owners have purchased the Stepgym shoe to wear when walking their dog. It increases the benefits of walking because it causes the muscles to work harder than in traditional shoes and the results of walking are seen faster.

When walking a dog the following should be considered:

• Size of the dog
• Health of the dog
• Fur length
• Fitness of the dog
• Weather
• Temperature
• Terrain
• Dog friendliness

A smaller dog may not be able to tolerate as long a walk as a larger dog. Older, unhealthy, and unfit dogs should be gradually introduced to a walking. A longhaired dog with thick fur will not be able to tolerate as much heat as dogs with smooth short hair. It may be safer for your dog to stay home during bad weather even if you don’t mind walking bundled up or in rain gear. During very high or very low temperatures walks should be done during the part of the day that the temperature is most comfortable. Level terrain is best to start out with and then more challenging terrains can be gradually introduced. Many dogs are happy to meet new people and other dogs, be sure you keep control of the dog in case their advances are not welcome. For aggressive dogs walk where they are less likely to come in contact with people and other dogs. Keep control of your dog at all times and be aware of your surroundings.

As you and your dog become more fit, you will probably want to increase the length of walks. Be sure you bring water for you and your dog. In colder temperatures monitor the effects of the cold on the dog, especially those with very short hair. No matter what the weather, have lots of fresh water available to the dog when you get home. Check the water bowl frequently because they may drink more to re-hydrate and empty their water bowl quickly (especially during the summer).

Bringing a dog along on a walk can assure you keep up your walking schedule and following dog safety suggestions will assure it is a positive experience for your dog as well. To make the most of the fitness and health benefits for yourself go to to find out more about the Stepgym shoe and how to order your own pair of Stepgym shoes.

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