Dog Skin Problems

By: SA Perillo

Our beloved pets deserve our utmost care and attention. It is as if these amusing yet vulnerable friends of ours have unknowingly placed their complete trust and well being into our hands as pet owners. Therefore, it becomes our immediate responsibility to provide them with the proper amount of protection, and these naturally include protection from various diseases. It is reported that one of the most common problems or issues concerning canine health is skin related diseases. Just like humans, dogs are also very much prone to contracting skin disorders due to a number of reasons, namely allergies and infections due to parasites, more so in rather humid areas as the skin has the tendency to become more moist and susceptible to catching skin disorders. On the other hand, when the air is too dry perhaps in some low humidity areas, their skin can also dry up and exhibit signs of itchiness and discomfort. Either way, dogs have a much harder time with these skin problems, as they cannot immediately address them. That is why canine skin problems are a major concern that we dog owners should continuously be wary about.

While it is rather common for most dogs to have somewhat dry and flaky skin during cold winter climates, it is still a definite imperative to develop and maintain proper dog grooming habits to prevent quite a number of dog skin problems. Perhaps the most common among these allergies is the Seasonal allergy which results from close or even minimal contact with certain elements from one’s surroundings, namely dust, sand, grass, pollen, and others. However, the gravity and extent of this type of allergy depends on both the external surrounding and the level of skin sensitivity. Another type is the Food allergy resulting in reactions within the body due to foreign types or ingredients within a dog’s food. So it is very important to also be very critical about what you feed your pet dog because this too may be fatal for your beloved canine. There are also skin infections that come from fleas, bacteria or other such parasites, which infest the dog’s skin and cause itching, irritation and great discomfort. There is said to be no cure for these problems as they are very natural yet highly fatal causes of dog skin problems. Last but not least, there are also some internal causes, which can eventually manifest themselves into skin problems, and these may be related to hormonal changes or imbalances, which are very difficult to detect and treat. However, extreme cases would eventually exhibit signs and symptoms such as change in skin color, loss of hair and other such related symptoms.

Regardless of the number of different kinds of dog skin problems, there are still pretty much related and common signs and symptoms that can warn you. Always observe the behavior of your pets and if you notice excessive amounts of scratching, itching, licking, and other such behaviors that can lead to irritation, inflammation, or hair loss. In such dire cases, do not hesitate to seek the aid of your trusted vet.

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