Dog Kennels Cheshire: Selecting the best for man’s best friend

By: Cesar Muler

While you wish to gift the best form of treatment to your furry friend, what bothers you the most is if the facilities at the cattery or kennel will be proper and adequate to do justice to his or her individual requirements. With purpose-built dog kennels Cheshire increasing by the day, there is no doubt that your pet will be healthy and sound. Most of these units are situated in the heart of Cheshire countryside and that makes it easy for owners to carry their pets and even take them back at the time of returning. Apart from these kennels, one can also find cattery Cheshire units in the UK helping cat owners keep their pets at the hands of experts.

Given how dogs vary in terms of their physical features as well as temperaments, it is quite natural that kennel requirements will vary likewise. Think of a tiny Chihuahua who has to share space with a German shepherd dog. The two breeds are completely different and as a result, there is a high possibility of them not bonding quite well. This is the main reason why most dog owners find solace in choosing a dog space that has enough room for the pet, with no restriction of movement. Most manufacturers of dog kennels Cheshire recommend that kennels should be almost six inches higher and six inches wider to accommodate a pet properly. Besides, the weight and nutritional requirements are not the same for all. So, all these must be taken into consideration when choosing kennels.

Kennels are broadly classified into two categories:
-Self-assembled or ‘kit’ kennels and
-Modular kennels.

Self-assembled or ‘kit’ kennels comprise most of the chain link ones. For keeping pets here, the frames must be assembled and then stretched to fit the chain link to the frame. Since the process is highly complicated, it is not really possible for one person to complete the job. One of the chief drawbacks of this chain link is that the soft metal with which it is made of as that gets ripped off by aggressive dogs. Many manufacturers provide modular panels for easy installation, yet the use of chain link is prevalent. If wires that protrude out of the structure are fixed properly, pets can be saved from injuries.

Modular kennels are comparatively better and easier for assembling. Most dog kennels Cheshire that belong to this category come with prefabricated walls, doors and gate panels, all of which requires to be put together in a proper configuration and then fastened. Besides, they facilitate ease in movement and have the options to accommodate more than one dog. For those who wish to buy modular kennels, must always check for the strength or ability to hold the dogs. This can be determined with the help of gauge numbers. Kennels made of lighter materials are sufficient for smaller or gentler breeds, but for stronger ones, a bigger one proves worthy.

These kind of advanced amenities rest not only for dog but cats as well. For the benefit of your feline friend, you can also find cheap and reputed Cattery Cheshire units.

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