Dog Collars

By: Helen Gurley

Most dogs these days have a collar which is attached to a leash for walking. However, a collar can also serve the purpose of identification, training or sometimes even, fashion. There are a variety of collars and harnesses available online or in stores. Listed below are some of the popular types of collars used for dogs.

• Buckle Collars: They can be fastened with a buckle and are adjustable. However, once fastened they will not tighten on the dog's neck. They are either flat or rolled and are made of nylon, cotton or leather.

• Quick Release Collars: They are made of nylon and have a plastic buckle closure similar to fasteners on bags. They are easy to put on and remove. They are adjustable and do not tighten around the dog's neck.

• Break-Away Collars: This type of collar unfastens on its own when it gets stuck on to something. Due to this the dog doesn't choke and die if the collar gets stuck. However, if it is fastened on a leash, the collar will not come free.

• Nylon Slip Collars: They are one type of choke chains. These collars are usually made of braided nylon, cotton or leather. Once the leash is attached, it becomes easier to loosen or tighten the collar with a little pressure.

• Metal show Collars: These collars are used in almost all dogs. Although they are made out of braided nylon, cotton or leather or metal chains, they are not the same as training choke chains.

• Limited Slip Collars: These collars are a combination of slip collars and quick release collars. They are adjustable and meant to tighten around the dog's neck. However, they do not tighten so much that the dog chokes due to constriction of the neck. Some of them are also called ‘Greyhound collars'.

• Martingales: They are similar to Limited Slip Collars. However they do not have a buckle. They are slid over the dog's head and then with the help of a plastic tubing, the desired tightening is achieved.

• Choke Chains and Prong/Pinch Collars: These collars are also referred to as metal training slip collars. The collar is designed so as to slide and tighten a little around the dog's neck. This is done to give the dog a correction. They should be used only for training and never on puppies. The Prong or Pinch collar is also a type of Choke Chains except that it is safer.

• Head Halters and Harnesses: They are commonly used for dogs that pull and the collar helps in restricting them. Head halters sit below the eyes and hence dogs are uncomfortable with this kind of a collar. The dog can perform all function even with the collar on. However, it should be used when the dog is walking next to you not running away from you.

• Electronic Collars: These are used for training purposes. They send a small shock stimulus to the dog each time the dog disobeys a command. However, they should be properly used as they can harm the dog.

Despite the extensive choice, not all collars are fit for every dog. You need to check the breed of your dog and accordingly decide to get a particular collar.

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These are some popular types of dog collars available in the market. Selecting the right collar for your dog is very important. Also visit this site to know more on other pet products like toys, kennels, litter boxes and more.

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