Does worldwide online marketing and multilingual websites work?

By: payaldec2008

Many US Companies including our clients feel like they have hit a market ceiling in terms of business opportunities. We have been asked this question many times … “Does worldwide online marketing and multilingual websites work?” Well, our answer is almost always the same: it depends… If you are looking for added business and leads from overseas, you should definitely read on.

Defining your business strategy and boundaries is essential to be profitable in today’s tight economic conditions. Therefore the first factor to look at would be operations. Are you able to handle your current clients and work load? Do you have sufficient resources to do more business? (Labor, material, cash flow…) And most important of all, for more details visit to are you willing to expand? These are all questions we would ask to determine if you are ready for newer markets online.

Another question that we are asked is if multilingual websites are mandatory to market your products/services internationally. Again, it all depends… It depends on factors like;

• Which products/services do you offer?
• Do you have offices overseas?
• Is there a major International Market you would like to target? (Asia, Middle East, Europe)
• Are you B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer)?

Another important factor is overseas competition of your industry. How saturated is the market and in what key areas do you see opportunities? If you answers are yes and you have a well-founded, descriptive answer, you sound ready to market your product/services overseas.

The next step would be to create a business plan and a strategy. One of the easiest ways to tap into the overseas markets is through Internet Marketing. You would need to make sure that you have a well-functioning website which can operate overseas without any technical or legal issues. Most of our clients’ ramp up their websites by doing a re-design as first appeal is essential in getting traffic and leads to and from your website in a new market.

Then, once you identify which markets you would like to target, the language issue needs to be resolved. Your website is in English but you need to have it translated into another language(s). Let’s assume that you are targeting Europe. Well, for more details visit to that would be a bit challenging as over 200 languages are spoken in Europe. So, you would have to target either the most spoken (general) languages or the most relevant markets about your industry. I would definitely recommend German, French and Spanish to start with. (In that order) Make sure that the translations are accurate and there are no spelling errors. Also be careful with special characters.

Once you have taken care of the language problem, then you are ready to come to market. Of course, you need to make sure that your website is Google Friendly and that all your pages are crawl able by the search engine spiders. Make sure that you add unique, fresh content weekly to your site. This will add fuel to your organic search results. You can also target different geographical areas by advertising on Google AdWords.

It gets complicated and technical as you start to market your international website overseas. Sitemaps, statistics, lead generation, Adwords are just some of the necessary processes. It would be a wise choice to work with a firm who can handle all these processes for you. Most important of all, observe your bottom line and make sure the whole strategy makes sense from a financial standpoint. The better you can control the process and analyze it the better results it will yield.

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