Does the Weather Affect Migraine Headaches?

By: EileenDavies

The simple answer is yes, migraine headaches are definitely affected by weather conditions. New research has proven what doctors and scientists could only theorize. Such results provide even more information to help in the treatment of chronic migraines.

Scientists have proven that when temperatures increase one day, migraine headaches are more likely to appear the next day. According to this research, for every 9 degree raise in the temperature, there is a 7 ½% risk increase in the likelihood that you will experience a migraine the following day.

There are also other weather conditions that can affect migraines. There was also a link found between the barometric pressure readings and the occurrence of migraine headaches. This suggests that you may be able to predict an incoming migraine headache based on the air pressure and whether there is a storm front headed your way.

If you have been dealing with migraine headaches for a long time, you may have already had suspicions that the weather may have an influence on the amount or intensity of the migraines that you experience. At least now there is documented proof of your suspicions, although there is no explanation why the weather conditions affect migraines.

When your migraine journal has shown a relation to the changes in weather and your migraines as one of the many triggers that you may have, it can help you and your doctor create an effective treatment and prevention regimen. Most often you will be advised to try to stay in cooler areas during hot days, but you may also receive different prescription medications that will need to be taken for other times, like when you learn about air pressure changes.

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