Does stretching enlarge the penis?

By: Michael Dunn

Yes, and it’s actually been going on for years. It turns out that both ancient and modern men have wanted a bigger penis, and some form of stretching has been used to gain that extra size.

So what is meant by ‘stretching’? Is it painful? Can anyone do it? In this article we will take a look some of the questions surrounding this newer method of natural penis enlargement.

The use of traction to stretch parts of the body has its roots in ancient cultures of India, Africa, and South America. In these places, penis stretching has been used in spiritual practices and other rituals.

In the modern world, traction is being used to help re-grow tissue and heal scars for burn victims and for patients of penis enlargement surgery. The use of traction in penis enlargement surgery helps the patient heal or avoid scars, and it is especially useful for adding even more length and girth to the penis after the operation.

Don’t worry though, because there’s no need to get under the knife before you see results from a modern penis traction device. The surgery is just what led up the private use of the penis stretcher by men wanting a larger penis – just now it can be done without the painful surgery.

Just like the other uses of traction as I mentioned above, a penis stretcher uses a constant, but light pressure to stretch the penis over time.

So what exactly is a penis traction device?

The device is pretty simple looking and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s made of a comfortable base ring and silicone loop at the upper end. These parts hold the penis in place while it’s being stretched.

Connecting these end-pieced are two adjustable bars that run along either side of the penis. You adjust the length of the bars as your penis gets longer. The bars have springs inside that also adjust the amount of force being applied. The stretching force can easily be changed from a 600 to 1500 gram force. Most companies provide a plan to follow for getting the best results.

How the penis can be stretched.

Let me clear up the myth right now that the penis is not a muscle, but it is mostly made of tissue. This is what makes traction so successful at enlarging the penis. What really happens is the cells in the penis tissue expand and get bulkier, as well as the space around them. As this happens, the cells will also get longer and divide to fill up the space – this creates more tissue resulting in a larger, healthier penis. By applying a constant, but light force with the stretcher, the penis will stretch over time.

Your results depend on how much you are using the device. Studies done on the SizeGenetics device have shown that 4-6 hours each day gives very positive results. I have found that a good time for use is in your relaxing evening hours, and also during sleep.

Your results will be different than the next guy’s but be sure that these penis stretchers do in fact work. It is very possible to gain a full inch of length in under 6 months of daily use. Traction devices are also available as part of a larger package with pills and enlargement exercises. This can be a powerful combination resulting in even bigger and faster gains.

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