Does my Child need Therapy?

By: Keith Allen

Often children and teenagers unable to cope with certain emotional events are in need of teen therapy. It is difficult to identify existence of specific problems necessitating teen therapy. Some of these problems surface in early childhood while some manifest in teenage. Common among them are reluctance to attend school, low memory, inattentiveness, lack of self-confidence and interest in normal activities of the age.

Children and teenagers often face behavioral problems. These could be due to academic pressures, social pressures, or other emotional pressures due to change in environment or relationships. However, most of these are temporary and pass off with time. Nevertheless, teenagers and children cannot fully recoup from the divorce of parents and often go into a cocoon. Refusal to sleep alone, poor school performance and increased anxiety and emotional outbursts are sure indicators for immediate teen therapy.

Sometimes, teenagers face psychological problems due to their medical ailments. You may not be able to provide the necessary guidance and support. Psychologists offering appropriate teen therapy can provide necessary skills to the children to combat the side effects of medical illnesses and their medications. Additionally, psychologists also guide you as parents to adopt various corrective measures in your behavior while dealing with such troubled teenagers.

Extreme situations arise if your teenagersí problems are life threatening. They experience vague visual sensations, assault others, set fire at home, or remain depressed and aloof always. These situations could take adverse turns and teenagers could become suicidal. You then need to seek immediate teen therapy to counsel and make your teenager normal.

Another important factor in teen therapy is your reaction to your teenagerís situation. Some parents become guilty and blame themselves for everything. Sometimes teenagers behave differently at different places. They are perfectly happy at home and with you around but are not able to adjust or be happy with others. Lack of adequate social interaction and reluctance to shift from familiar surroundings could be the cause.

Hence, whatever be the reasons for abnormal behavior in your child or teenager, do not shy away from teen therapy to develop your teen into a responsible and normal adult.

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