Does Your Stock Broker Offer These Extras

By: Rex Casadus

It's important to find a stock broker that offers extra features in addition to the ability to buy and sell stocks. You may not know the difference at the beginning, but you will once you start needing the extra benefits.
Those that offer investing tools should be given a first look. These online tools can help you identify and cross check your portfolio for weakness and help you improve on your strategies.
You may not see stock broker and credit cards mixing but the best cash back credit cards are actually offered by stock brokers. Of course, they are offering it to get your business but I will take any advantages I can get.
You might be able to do bill pay with your balance. The great thing about it is that even margin accounts are eligible, so you can always temporary borrow money at a relatively low rate to pay your bills.
Security tokens offer one more layer of security to make sure that no one is trying to log into your account without your permission. These physical keys update its pin every few seconds and is very safe.
Most will give you an ATM card these days. On top of that, they will usually reimburse your withdrawal fees so you can take money from any ATM machine without getting charged.
Some online stock brokers come with physical branches, and may have employees there that can offer investment advices. They also provide face to face technical support should you have any questions with the account.
Reinvesting your dividends are a great way to build your investment portfolio but some unreasonable broker will charge you every time they purchase those stocks for you.
If there is a way to integrate your savings account into the brokerage firm, then it's a good idea due to the high yield that you could be earning with your money. It's like a manual sweep account but only that you are earning high interests.

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