Does Your Janitorial Service Tackle your Tile?

By: Jed Totus

The one part of the office that never gets truly cleaned is often the tile and grout. It's an area that is easily overlooked as it gets walked on or walked past day in and day out. If your company is not taking good care of the tile in your building, it may be time to hire a commercial cleaning service to come in and tackle the tile or add the tile to the service you already receive. Using a professional cleaning service is the best way to handle the task of maintaining tile and grout since it can be an activity that takes a bit of time.

Most people sweep and mop tile floors in homes and offices on a regular basis. This is not enough to maintain tile and grout to the fullest extent. Tile should be deep cleaned semi annually or at least quarterly depending on the amount of foot traffic it sees. As far as sealing grout, it should be done at least once a year to maintain its appropriate appearance and function.

It does not matter what type of tile you have. Whether it is granite, marble, slate or another type, the grout lines are always going to be the most difficult to properly maintain. If your areas of tile and grout are fairly small, they can often be cleaned with a combination of baking soda and warm vinegar. Using a toothbrush to scrub the grout and then rinsing with warm water should be enough to keep the grout looking good. In most office spaces, the amount of tile is likely greater and a toothbrush may not be the best method.

Janitorial services often use a high pressure heated water treatment system that is contained in a truck mounted unit to deep clean tile and grout. They start with a pre-spray that dwells on grout lines. Then the high pressure unit agitates the dirt and grime in the grout lines and once rinsed will bring the grout back to a much cleaner appearance. This process cannot be done by your office staff and will require the use of a professional cleaning company who has the proper skills and tools to do the job right.

One environmentally friendly method for cleaning tile is to use powdered oxygen bleach. This substance will not harm surfaces, people or pets and is a great way to do "green" cleaning. Oxygen bleach is fabric and color safe and does not give off harsh fumes so it is fine for home or office space. It will remove stains with minimal scrubbing which is especially helpful when dealing with large areas of tile on floors or walls. Oxygen ions break up stains and bacterial and then they can be easily rinsed away with little effort.

Maintaining a clean office appearance is key for keeping clients and employees healthy and happy. Grout's porous nature allows dirt and bacteria to become trapped beneath the surface and must be properly cleaned. To avoid unhealthy and unsightly tile and grout bring in a professional janitorial service that can use the right methods and the expert equipment to properly take care of the tile in your building.

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