Does Walking Help You Burn The Fat?

By: Burn 32 Fat Dude32

Do you know cholesterol is essential for our body?

Fat control or fat loss is one of the top ten health topics discussed in the US and more than 100 million US citizens have cholesterol levels higher than the required levels. Most of us blindly get into cholesterol control programs without realizing that it is produced by our body and it is needed by the body. Not many are aware that there are two types of cholesterols in our body - good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. As you can guess our body needs good cholesterol and we have to get rid of bad cholesterol. Only when you know what type of cholesterol affects our health and contributes to health related problems we will be able to control that cholesterol. Food with heavy fat is likely to increase our cholesterol levels and at the same time lead to excessive weight gain.

Cholesterol cells cannot be dissolved by blood so they move around in our system using certain type of carriers called lipoproteins. There are two types of lipoproteins – high density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein. What is not good for our body is the low density lipoproteins. When there is a high concentration of low density lipoproteins in our blood it starts forming thick layers of plaques on the interior walls of the arteries that take blood to the brain and heart.

High density lipoproteins are good for our health and you must work towards maintaining a good level of this type of cholesterol as it will protect us from most of the heart diseases. So when we enter into any form of diet program we must be aware of what it does to our body and whether it is reducing the high density fat or low density fat. Only 25% of blood cholesterol is from the food we eat and rest of the 75% of cholesterol is produced by our liver and our body’s cellular mass.

Sometimes our body may be producing more of bad cholesterol due to our genetic buildup or due to unhealthy food habits. Your fat intake affects your cholesterol levels and it in turn affects your overall health. You must make sure to consume food items that will help you burn the fat. Along with this you must also make sure to enter into an effective program that will help you burn the fat from your body so that it does not increase the cholesterol levels.

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