Dodoni Feta Is Used To Make The Best Greek Salad Recipes!

By: Luke Martin

It is to no surprise that Greece's fame is shifting from its history to its great salad recipes. The great Greek salad recipes are gaining fame not only for their interesting combination of flavor but also for the health benefits their offer. Healthy has never been quite so tasty before. Every Greek salad lover, chef worth his or her salt and mum will tell you that no recipe is complete without Dodoni feta cheese. When it comes to food and nutrition, you have to use quality ingredients to get the quality meal and unforgettable taste. Dodoni feta cheese transforms any Greek salad from simple, tasty to quality, and scrumptious.

Say Yes to Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a product with its origins from Greece. Its main quality is that it is made from goat or sheep milk. It is white in color and has a tangy taste from the brine used in part of the stages in processing it. Feta cheese has many nutritional benefits especially for those worried about the fat in cheese. If you are a cheese lover but hate cholesterol feta cheese offer the balance as it contains almost less than half of the fat in other cheese varieties yet increases the needed protein content by double. Feta has a decrease in calories without losing much of cheesy flavor. It boasts of high calcium content so get a Greek Salad today to strengthen your bones. Importantly, it aids the loss of abdominal fat that in the end reduces the chances of getting heart complications and diabetes.

Are you convinced as to why you should take feta cheese? If not quite yet then try out Dodoni Feta Cheese. A unique brand combines authenticity and flavor whilst maintaining quality. Feta cheese can be made using either pasteurized or non-pasteurized milk, but the latter has an increased risk of containing bacteria. Dodoni only uses the pasteurized milk in processing to give you tasty healthy and risk-free cheese. Unlike the proverbial prophet denied in his own town, Dodoni Feta Cheese is renown in Greece and other parts of the world for its outstanding fineness.

Dodoni Feta Recipes

Dodoni Feta cheese is used in making the top Greek Salad recipes such as Greek rice and Feta salad that combines olives, oreganos and onions to give a wholesome yet spicy meal. Watermelon and Feta salad is ideal for those who love the contrasting yet enriching combinations of fruit and tangy in their mouth. The tomato basil and feta salad is one of those 15-minute dishes you can make if you want a quick lunch. Even better, you can fix this tasty feta salad in a hurry if you simply forgot to make your contributory dish at a dinner party.

In any Greek salad, you are assured of getting the 'oohs' and 'aahs' from those who consume it as long you do not forget the most important ingredient: Dodoni Feta cheese! Enjoy creating new dishes in your kitchen by incorporating the healthy feta cheese.

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The zesty, creamy taste of Feta cheese will simply leave you wanting more! Using traditional and new-age Greek salad recipes, your friends, family or even yourself will be amazed at the taste! Dodoni feta to top off the delicious party happening on your plate of goodies. There's nothing like Greek cheese, because the good old Greeks couldn't have gone wrong all these years with the amazing Greek chees

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