Documents that have to be sent to San Diego Injury Lawyer to ensure a speedy handling of the case

By: Julia Bennet

When you go to a San Diego Injury Lawyer, you have to know what to bring to him or her. It is expected that the San Diego Injury Lawyer will ask for a few important documents and reports so as to effectively study your case and make sure that the process is sped up and no stones are unturned when it comes to getting fair compensation for the injury that you might have incurred. By providing the essential documents early on in the case, you can reduce the time you need to spend dealing with the case and you can also speed up the process in which you can recover from physical injuries or loss of income.

The San Diego personal injury attorney is an expert who can offer professional services in defending you against unfair settlements and even represent you in court should it lead to this situation. In case of an accident, you have to manage all necessary papers and acquire them as soon as possible so that when you go to your favored San Diego Injury Lawyer, you will surely minimize the time you have to spend since the attorney already knows majority of what he needs from these documents. These documents include your personal information, driverís license, as well as the policy number of your insurance. You should also have a clear idea about the time and date of the accident as well as the location where it happened. In certain cases, the weather can be a very important factor so the San Diego Personal injury attorney might ask about the weather during the time of the accident. You should also submit to your San Diego Injury Lawyer personal information and license numbers of other people who might be part of the auto accident. If you have reported this case, gets a copy of the police report including traffic tickets that have been written on the scene. Any documents showing or dispelling DUI charges should also be presented.

Medical information should also be included in the list of documents to present to the San Diego Injury Lawyer. That means you have to visit a physician or a specialist so that you can undergo thorough examination right after the accident. Tell the physician that you have been involved in the accident. Normally, the physician should be able to determine the right diagnostic tools to check for physical injuries and anomalies. This would include X-rays, MRI scans, and maybe cuts or wounds. Show the images to the lawyer and make sure that the interpretation of the doctor is also included. Since these cost money, make sure that all bills and costs that you have incurred to get medical attention and diagnosis are properly kept. Make sure that the receipts and other pertinent documents are sent to the San Diego Injury Lawyer.

There are other documents to include such as wage loss and work absence after the accident, communications between you and the insurance company related to the case.

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