Do you know everything there is to know about Smoking?

By: Sara Kitch

The most talked about consequences of smoking are the different types of cancers that develop. However, there are other physical impediments that are not commonly brought up.
In this article, we will discuss issues other than cancer. The main points we will discuss are the difference between darker and lighter skin individuals, the increase in wrinkles and how smoking can decrease the healing process.
The Color of Your Skin Does Matter
The color of your skin is a determinant factor when it comes to long term smoking. Darker skin is thicker and, therefore, less prone to damage. Fairer skin is much more fragile and can show signs of damage faster.
The Weaker Sex - More Skin Damage because of Gender
Unfortunately, women smokers are also more inclined to skin damage, including wrinkling, than male smokers. The male hormone androgen produces a thicker dermis making it more impervious to damage. Meanwhile a reduction in estrogen leads to cracked skin and irritation.
Wrinkling is not only due to the reduction of blood vessels due to smoking, but also to the constant puffing and squinting that a smoker executes while smoking. The term "smoker's face" is used to express the wrinkled, gaunt look of a chronic smoker.
Smoking slows down the Healing Process
Another dilemma for smokers is the rate at which their bodies heal, especially after surgery. On account of the reduced blood flow, the flow of nutrients to the damaged area is also diminished. For this reason, doctors recommend that their patients to quit smoking so that their post op healing process is adequate.
Dealing with the Results of Smoking
Obviously, quitting or never starting is the best way of sidestepping problems due to smoking. But, if this is not within your ability, there are other options that you can try.
Anti wrinkle creams and lotions that contain alfa hydroxy acids and retinoids can help combat some of the damage caused by smoking. Skin peels and dermabrasion can help promote skin rejuvenation by triggering the regeneration of skin.

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Bear in mind, even if you decide not to quit smoking there is something that you can do for your skin. Wrinkle free skin does not have out of your grasp. Try Bioskinrevitalizer and our other skin care products to trigger skin renewal and repair and rejuvenate skin.

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