Doís and Doníts When Buying Guinea Pig Cages

By: Malcolm Nguyen

Guinea pigs can make some of the best pets as they are incredibly friendly and very easy to tame. When you own any pets you must make sure that you are giving them the correct environment to live in which means purchasing guinea pig cages. If you are new to owning these cute creatures here are some doís and doníts when buying guinea pig cages that you will want to consider.

Do - get the right size cage for the number of guinea pig that you plan on keeping. You should not overcrowd your animals or they will not be comfortable and this can lead to them becoming ill.
Donít - choose a cage that you will find is too hard to keep clean. When you are looking for backyard guinea pig cages you must check that they are easy clean. Dirt and bacteria can build up in animal cages and this can lead to illness and disease which is something that you will want to avoid at all cost.

Do Ė look at the design of the guinea pig houses that you like and choose one that will look good in your garden while being the ideal home for your pets. There are lots of options that are open to you and if you are a little short on space why not go for a two storey cage that saves floor space? These can be the perfect solution when you want a good cage for your guinea pigs but you do not have much room.
Donít Ė buy any cages that seem to be easy for predators to get inside. You should go for one that has a lockable door for added security and a tough and sturdy wire mesh fence covering all of the open sections. If there are any gaps in the cage or the door opens too easily you are putting the lives of your pets at risk. So always look at the security angle when you are out buying guinea pig hutches.

Do Ė think about if you will be putting the cage indoors or outdoors. Many people will have their guinea pigs inside the house and will choose a cage that has a plastic bottom and wire top, very much like a larger version of a hamster cage. If you will be keeping your guinea pigs outside choose a wooden cage that has been treated so it is waterproof. A good quality cage like this should last for many years and provide your pets with the shelter they need to be happy and healthy.

Donít Ė try to build guinea pig cages yourself if you have no skills in this area. While some people are amazing at building cages and hutches others are not. If you fall into the latter category why not leave the hard work to the professionals and buy guinea pig cages that have already been made? That way you can just put them in place in your garden and introduce your pets to their new home without any problems.

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Guinea pig cages come in many shapes and sizes, and picking the right one for your pet and home is essential. There are double storey and single storey guinea pig cages to choose from. For more information to buy a guinea pig cage, click here for good deals on it.

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